Nick Diaz hasn’t fought since his 2015 no-contest against Anderson Silva. However, he still manages to make the headlines. When you start talking about fighting Jorge Masvidal then that shouldn’t come as a surprise. ‘Gamebred’ is one of the most popular fighters in the world right now.

He scorched Darren Till and Ben Askren this year. Also, he put a beating on Leon Edwards outside the cage. Then he claimed the BMF title after a victory against Nate Diaz. But now Nick believes it is his duty to avenge his younger brother’s defeat. Wouldn’t that be an insane match-up?

One man who believes that Nick would beat Masvidal is Cesar Gracie. In short, he believes that his former student is the real BMF and could finish ‘Gamebred.’

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Real BMF

Gracie believes that the elder Diaz is the sport’s real BMF. That’d despite not fighting for the past five years. However, Diaz still maintains massive cult popularity so there would be definite interest in him fighting Masvidal. This is a match-up waiting to happen if Nick can be lured back into the cage.

“That is his belt. The BMF belt, Nick is the BMF, if you will. That’s the perfect belt for Nick,” Gracie said during a recent interview on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show. ”The hype on something like that would be so huge to fight a guy like that. You got to get fighters that are doing something now.”

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Despite the fact that Masvidal is rated as one of the best boxers in the UFC, Gracie believes that Diaz has the beating of him. We’re not sure exactly what he’s basing that off, because Masvidal put a clinic on Nate in their fight. To be honest, he was probably lucky that the fight got stopped. However, Gracie thinks Nick could handle Masvidal’s firepower.

“The Masvidal fight with Nate, I watched it and I thought, ‘okay, this guy has really good hands.’ He is a tough fighter,” Gracie added. “But I think Nick at his best, I don’t know how he would do, he’d have to be in shape. But the Nick Diaz I’ve seen at his best or anywhere near it, he crushes guys like that.

“I think it would be great for the fans who don’t know who Nick Diaz is. And let’s face it, there are a lot of new fans in the sport and Nick has been out for a long time. he fans who don’t know who Nick Diaz is, that would be a great showcase for him to come back.”

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Question Mark

Of course, this is all speculation until the day Nick Diaz announces his return. We hate to break it to you but that might never happen. Diaz has given multiple hints that he’s going to come back. However, so far he has yet to make anything official. Now 36-years-old, there’s a feeling he has missed out on the prime years of his career.

One man who definitely would be up for this fight is Masvidal. ‘Gamebred’ would be happy to put the elder Diaz brother to the sword as well. If it does go down then the UFC could definitely bring back the BMF title. Sakuraba is known as the crazy killer. Could Masvidal become the Diaz wrecker?

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