Conor McGregor Reveals What Happened Before Nate Diaz Loss

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Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz lit up the mixed martial arts world before UFC 196. The two kings of trash talking shared a heated rivalry that, although only 11 days long, bore all the required fruits of an instantly classic feud.

Replacing lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos on just 11 days notice, Diaz made the most of his short time in the limelight before March 5. He claimed McGregor had been ‘playing touch butt in the park with dorks,’ and arguably won the pre-fight hype stages with that line alone.


Before the two had eve entered the octagon at UFC 196, Conor McGregor was in uncharted waters. Never before had the UFC featherweight champion been outdone in the trash talking, and for once he lacked the mental advantage on his opponent.

Nate Diaz was in his head, and ‘The Notorious’ began making comments that were quite out of character. Although few voiced the opinion,an underlying tone of an upset was present from the beginning of their rivalry.

Many believed Conor McGregor would dominate the striking, but they’d underestimated Nate Diaz’s slick boxing…
Diaz would go on to earn superstar status at UFC 196. He boxed Conor McGregor silly in the second round, and choked out the helpless Irishman with a rear naked choke. The featherweight champion was a broken man after his first UFC loss.

Finally going in depth on the loss to Diaz, the first since joining the UFC, McGregor spoke openly about the events leading up to March 5.

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