The crusher from Russia!

We all love watching a feel good story, an underdog victory and street fights. the subject of today’s article we pretty much have all three, depending on how you feel about male vs. female fights.

Let’s be honest, and this isn’t prejudice or racist in any way, but Russia has some of the craziest stuff going on Youtube right now. All you need to do is type ‘Russian’ followed by any theme you want, no matter how wild, and there’s a video of it.


This picture of a typical day in Russia pretty much sums up how life is in all Eastern Europe. But Russia especially has a history of making tough guys, gangsters and villains. The cold upbringing in poverty and having to fight for food breeds a generation of survivors.

After so many wars and famines, political revolutions and leaders overthrown, Russia is still one of the poorest places on the planet, that is aside from the very top of the pyramid.


All humour aside, Russians give us some of the coolest street fight footage in the history of the internet. For your enjoyment today we have a number of unbelievable street fights and crazy moments that have gone viral in the last few weeks.

The first will blow your mind.

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