One of the most iconic faces in the history of all sports, Muhammad Ali transcended boxing. His unique style of fighting was a joy to watch, and during a career that spanned from 1960 to 1981 he clinched the world heavyweight title three times.

Thrilling wars with Joe Frazier and George Foreman launched ‘The Greatest’ in to all time legendary status. But there was more to Ali than just the boxing, he was a crusader during a time when racism ran rampant across the world.


Ali famously knocked out Sonny Liston with his ‘phantom punch’ in 1965. It comes as terrible news for fans of Muhammad Ali and boxing to learn that he is currently very ill in hospital. After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease following his long boxing career, Ali has been in and out of hospital.

Now aged 74, Ali lays in a hospital bed in Phoenix, where The Mirror reports the prognosis is somewhat dire. He is fighting a breathing problem, likely as bravely as he did against the giant Foreman in Zaire.


Doctors have told Ali’s family to ‘expect the worst,’ which is just terrible and very saddening news.

“Like in the ring, Ali is a fighter on the ward,” said a source. “Doctors are working to regulate his breathing put it is being hampered by his Parkinson’s.

“His children are all extremely concerned and dropped everything to be with him. They fear the worst.”

This is just so depressing to see such a powerful and influential fighter, inside and outside the ring, in such bad condition. Keep Muhammad Ali in your prayers tonight, and let’s hope he can pull through his latest battle.

Ali retired with a 56-5 record after taking fights with prime Trevor Berbick ad Larry Holmes. He truly never backed down from a challenge in his entire life.

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