Cris Cyborg Is BACK! Fights Winner of Holm vs. De Randamie

After failing a USADA drug test late last year, things are looking good for Cyborg…

Finally joining the UFC after years of trying in 2016, feared striker Cris Cyborg Justino hit the ground running. Taking out two opponents in a matter of months, Cyborg began rallying for a women’s UFC featherweight division.

Although its widely believed Justino is the top 145-pound female, the promotion seemed disinterested. Then, in December, the news that nobody wanted to hear emerged. Immediately responding to the failed test, the Brazilian claimed it was doctor prescribed medicines.

Cyborg After KO’ing Leslie Smith

Many times in the past fighters have come up with reasons, but seldom are they accepted. After both Jon Jones’ and Yoel Romero’s failed tests, tainted supplements were eventually identified as the sources.

For Cyborg, it appears its medication that’s at fault, but there’s another interesting twist to the story. Justino is applying for a retroactive TUE (therapeutic use exemption), and it sounds like USADA is on board.

Cyborg Is Coming

Further to this, Dana White says things are looking very good for a Cyborg return. He even drops the bomb that she’s next for the winner of tonight’s inaugural featherweight title fight. Speaking via, the UFC president sounds optimistic:

“It’s actually looking really good now,” said White during a recent interview with ESPN’s Brett Okamoto when asked about Justino receiving a retroactive exemption for the banned substance. “Apparently, the three [medical conditions] she has is what this medicine is used for. It’s looking really good. It was looking bad for a minute, but now it’s looking better. We’re in a good place.”

“We’ll have to see, but why would you not want to face Cris Cyborg?” said White about Justino getting the next UFC women’s featherweight title shot. “Especially if you’re Holly, you’ve already held that title. You had 18 titles in boxing. If she could go in and beat Cris Cyborg, you know?”