CS: GO skins have high popularity, which grows with each new update. Players enjoy beautiful designs for M4A4, AK-47, AWP, etc. Nowadays, no one plays at least 1 matchmaking game without skin for guns.

The items are an essential element of CS: GO due to the following reasons: 

  • More exciting competitive games. The common games became boring, and the players looked for ways to bring excitement back. And with the skins, a new stage in the CS: GO life started.
  • Earning money. Every year the significance of the items grows, and they become more valuable. Nowadays, the players can find skins for more than $50,000 and even drop expensive items from the cases.
  • Respect status. As a rule, players with restricted, covert, and contraband skins are respected by others and acquire loyalty among their teammates.

Since 2013, when the first update was added, 37 case collections appeared in the game. The old skins cost more than the new ones because such cases rarely drop in the game. Therefore, let’s discover how the first CS: GO skins appeared in the game and which items are still prevalent in 2022?

The First Update with CS: GO Skins

The date of adding skins in CS: GO became the most important event. In August 2013, Valve provided the Arms Deal update, and the players were shocked by it. They got the ability to decorate their weapons with colorings and view them by pressing a hotkey. The community highly evaluated the innovation, which makes skins still popular.

How did First Skins Look Like? 

The valve was worried that the players wouldn’t like plain and camouflage skins. So, such concerns resulted in dividing skins into several groups. The first 4 grades (consumer, industrial, military, and restricted) were dark, and the rarest skins (classified and covert) became bright. It established a visible balance between cheap items and expensive ones. But nowadays, even the “blue quality” skins from the Arms Deal collection (SG 553 “Ultraviolet”, AUG “Wings”) cost more than $10.

Facts about the Arms Deal Update 

The modern CS: GO community consists of young gamers playing for no more than 4-5 years and knowing nothing of such a collection.

And that’s why several facts about it may be a discovery: 

  • New knives appeared in the game. Only a few know that the CS: GO beta test version included flip knives as a standard for T-side and M9 Bayonets for CTs. The official game release made them paid and replaced them with standard blades. The Arms Deal case allowed getting Karambit and Gut knives.
  • Agents could appear with Arms Deal. CS: GO skins for game characters were added in 2020 with the “Broken Fang” operation, but such an idea appeared long before that. However, it was rejected due to several reasons: 
  1. The absence of a third-person view makes it impossible to look at yourself while playing (only teammates and enemies were allowed).
  2. The developers worried about agent skins disguising the hero’s texture, making it inconspicuous on the map.
  • The skins could be worn out. There was an idea to make skins lose their quality. For instance, the factory’s new item could become well-worn after 40 games played with it (it should represent the player’s experience). Fortunately, this update idea wasn’t implemented due to issues in the development of wearing pace.
  • Players were allowed to view their weapons. Every player knows that pressing “F” or any other hotkey makes the character twist the gun, viewing it from different sides. Such a function was also implemented with the Arms Deal.

The developers left the unrealized ideas for later to implement in further updates, which was confirmed after the agents appeared in 2020.

Top 3 Old Skin Collections in CS: GO

Many players doubt the new skins are more attractive than the old ones. There is no unambiguous decision because everybody has different tastes for design, and even typical “consumers” can be a masterpiece. And now, let’s describe the most popular CS: GO skin collections of that time.


The operation and the case were added in September 2013 and were highly evaluated by the players. It was the first case in which each design was elaborately made and looked incredible. The most popular skins were:

  • AK-47 “Fire Serpent”. The gun’s frame is decorated with a huge green snake from old Indian mythology. The brightness and harmonic color combination made “Fire Serpent” the most desired skin for many years.
  • P2000 “Ocean Foam”. The pistol’s receiver is covered with a light blue bubble. The skin became popular because of its stylish design and “classified” (pink) quality.
  • M4A1-S “Bright Water”. The weapon is entirely covered with dark and light blue camouflage. Its accessibility for devoted M4 lovers made the item popular among the community.

Bravo operation case can be dropped after the game even in 2022, and its price is more than $40. And the well-done work of developers makes “old-school” players still remember the origins of the skin industry.

Winter Offensive

The case was added in December 2013 and included one of the most famous M4A4 skins. “Asiimov” was an innovation because of its futuristic and unique design. The combination of white, orange and black excited the community, making users buy many cases and skins on Steam Market. M4A1-S “Guardian” and AWP “Redline” are also popular skins from “Winter Offensive”.


The collection became popular because of 3 CS: GO skins: 

  • Glock-18 “Water Elemental”. The pistol is burgundy, and a water spirit is on its frame.
  • M4A1-S “Cyrex”. It is entirely covered with black and red geometric elements.
  • P90 “Asiimov”. The SMG looks futuristic and has a great combination of colors.          Many players bought many operations passes to get the case and drop something rare from it.

The developers paid a lot of attention to the primary CS: GO skin updates. Somebody who has enjoyed the game for many years still remembers the old items and even considers them more exciting than today’s skins. Their popularity decreased, but their rarity and price grew, making them more expensive than new collections.

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