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2022 was supposed to be the year we all forget that the coronavirus existed, but here we are. On a brighter note, 2022 is the year that boxing fans rejoice, as it has already been a great year packed with boxing fights. Dear reader, the best is yet to come. If you are a boxing fan reading this, you know what I am talking about. If not, no worries, we will break down all the big fights in 2022, which one to bet on, and slightly our predictions for each fight. Just like they say in boxing rings before a big fight, let’s get ready to rumble; in this case, to punch.

GGG (Gennady Golovkin) vs. Murata

9th April, 2022

GGG vs. Murata is one of the biggest fights of the year in the boxing middleweight division. Dubbed the Big Drama in Japan, the fight is set to take place on 9th April, 2022, at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This fight is special because it happens to be a unification bout, with GGG holding the IBF and IBO belts, whilst Ryota Murata currently holds the WBA (Super) titles. The winner will walk away with all the belts whilst the loser will go home with nothing. That is why unification fights are unique, with the winner becoming a unified champion in the weight division. 

Keeping in mind GGG’s stellar track record in the boxing ring with 41 -1 (only loss suffered to Canelo Alvarez), we envisage that GGG will take home all the belts. Having said that, Murata appears to be a tough opponent, so we predict the fight will go ahead, at least to the 10th round. Place your bets on the fight at low-wagering casinos to get the best out of your GGG bet and hopefully win. Keep 9th April free on your calendar as GGG and his Iron Chin return to take home all the honors and bragging rights. 

Tyson Fury vs. Dillan Whyte 

23rd April 2022

2021 was the year we all hoped to see a Joshua vs. Tyson Fury unification bout; however, that did not happen since Anthony Joshua lost all his belts to Ukrainian southpaw Oleksandr Usyk. That opened the way for talks between Fury and Usyk, possibly holding a unification fight, but Anthony Joshua did not settle for the pay money to step aside. Hence, Fury needed to find another opponent for fighting and defending his WBO heavyweight title.

Since both fighters derive from British turf, it was only to hold the clash in Wembley Stadium that will welcome the boxing legends and a 90,000 crowd of boxing enthusiasts. With Fury defending his WBO title and letting his fans know he will retire after this fight, the match is set to drive millions in bets and millions turning in via pay per view. Considering both fighters and Tyson Fury’s massive defensive stance, we envisage that Fury’s last fight will be a successful one for him with the Gypsy King going out with a bang. 

Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano 

30th April 2022

On Saturday 30th April we will finally see the world lightweight champion take on 7-time division champion Amanda Serrano. Dubbed ‘For History,’ the boxing match is set to be the biggest female boxing match in history that will happen at Maddison Square Garden in New York.

Looking at both female fighters’ track records, Irish Katie Taylor comes with Olympic Gold medals, and 2 professional boxing fight wins, with the latest happening in December 2021 against Firuza Sharipova. Meanwhile, Serrano beat La Reina Mirian Guitierrez last December, making the 42nd professional fight win. 

This boxing match is hard to predict and to be quite honest, only recently have we seen the female version of sports gaming betting and world attention. Keep in mind that a female boxing match is a 10-round fight, and as we currently bring you this review, Katie Taylor is looking for the bookmakers’ favorite to win. 

Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk

June or July 2022

With the war in Ukraine raging, the rematch between Oleksandr Usky and Anthony Joshua seemed not to be on the cards. However, only last week, Eddie Hearne, AJ’s promoter, confirmed that a possible date had been set with Usyk’s team to hold the rematch. With all Ukrainian men called to stay and fight against the Russian Aggression, Usyk had to get special permission to leave the country and was only granted permission last week by Kyiv’s Mayor and ex-boxing champion Vitali Klitschko. Following this, Usyk hit Instagram live and announced that he had crossed the border to Poland to kick off his training camp in readiness for the rematch.

On the other hand, Anthony Joshua has made some profound changes to his camp, with trainer Robert Mc Cracken stepping away from lead trainer and making way for Angel Fernandez to prepare AJ for the fight. Following his loss of belts against Andy Ruiz, and subsequent getting all his belts back on the rematch, all eyes will be on AJ to possibly score another massive offense. However, AJ has a tough cookie in Usyk, something that Orthodox boxing fighters always struggle with when facing southpaw fighters. 

Unfortunately for AJ, the odds do not look too favorable, and bookmakers favor Usyk at this stage of the game. Truth be told, if AJ does not secure a win and regain his belts, he is done being a credible fighter in the world of alpha males and boxing. 

Canelo Alvarez vs. Bivol

7th May 2022

Whilst we are all waiting for the next time that GGG and Canelo Alvarez clash, the next fight for Alvarez will be against Russian fighter Dimitri Bivol. The fight is set to take place on 7th May 2022 and is set to take place in Las Vegas, USA. 

Suppose you have seen previous fights of Canelo Alvarez. In that case, you will know that the boxer is somehow invincible with him being dubbed as a nonsmiling predator in the ring with an impeccable chin and defensive stance. For this fight and to accept Bivol’s challenge, Canelo had to step up from super middleweight to light heavyweight, something the fighter is willing to do to show the world his greatness in every boxing division.

If we had to place our bets or give our predictions, we would go all-in with Canelo Alvarez winning the fight. If you had to ask us about the stoppage, we’d predict that the fight will go on up to the 7-8 round, with Canelo delivering a solid KO to Bivol. 

Every weekend we all make sure to order our pizza online and check into Fight Night on various TV channels, whilst the luckiest fans get to watch from side ring. The fights we listed above are all up until May 2022. However, we assure you that the rest of this year’s fights are also jam-packed with some of the best fighters out there. One not to be missed is definitely the Clarissa Shields vs. Savannah Marshall, along with other fights that are yet to be confirmed. Are you ready to rumble? Left cut, uppercut, let’s go!

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