Jorge Masvidal had a sensational 2019. After scorching Ben Askren, he defeated Nate Diaz to claim the first-ever BMF title. The Cuban-American seized the imaginations of fans. But the big question was what was next. It feels like forever since we saw him in action.

UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman seems the most likely opponent. After beating Darren Till, Askren, and Diaz, Masvidal has a claim to a title shot. However, it doesn’t seem like he actually wants it. Fighting a wrestler as suffocating as Usman is one way to extinguish your momentum.

Instead, a clash against Conor McGregor could be on the horizon. Now UFC President Dana White has said that the promotion is open to the possibility. It’s a stark turnaround after they said it would never happen. Who do you think would win if this fight went down?

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UFC President Dana White spoke about the potential match-up on The Menace and the Man podcast. He made it clear that he’s open to all options. While a fight against Usman makes sense for Masvidal, a potential clash with McGregor is also exciting. You just can’t rule out anything with the Irishman.

“Very good point. That’s a possibility too. The Usman fight is the fight that makes sense,” White said. “It’s the fight that needs to happen if Masvidal wants a title shot. But, yeah, there’s another interesting fight out there for him right now.”

Both fights would be interesting but can you imagine the trash talk out of McGregor and Masvidal?

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White says that the fight isn’t guaranteed. He hit out at the reporting that it is set in stone. However, the UFC is being very cagey about Masvidal’s next fight. Furthermore, there’s all this talk of another opponent so of course, speculation is rife. White followed up with Jim Rome.

“People are writing stories like I said yesterday that we’re going to do Conor vs. Masvidal. I never said that,” White said. “The guys that I was doing an interview with were pushing me on that fight and I’m like yeah it’s interesting. Anything is possible. I didn’t say that was the fight that was going to happen. People are writing that today but not true.

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Big Fights

Of course, it all depends on when borders open up and if it’s safe to travel. In short, McGregor is stranded in Ireland right now anyway so there’s not much chance of him fighting anytime soon. However, White did say that any fight with the Irishman is a big fight. He also teased that elusive Ferguson v Khabib clash. He said:

“I think Conor-Khabib is a massive fight; Conor against anybody is a massive fight. Tony and Khabib, if that thing can happen it’s a massive fight.” 

If McGregor fights Masvidal who do you think will win? Bookmakers have Masvidal as a favorite but remember McGregor has never been knocked out in MMA. There are those who think ‘Gamebred’ will overwhelm and obliterate the Irishman. Others think that the left hand will be too slick for Masvidal. Which side are you on?

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