What should be Deontay Wilder’s Next Move?

Deontay Wilder may be the most powerful puncher in the current heavyweights but to have a trilogy against Fury would be a high risk move. Even though he knocked out all of his opponents prior to Fury, he has not shown to evolve his boxing abilities that could pose a threat against Fury.

It would be an unfair fight on paper, but we have seen odd defying moments inside the ring countless times especially someone as powerful as Wilder.

Boxing expert, Teddy Atlas has said that Wilder has what he calls “The Eraser” where it erases all of his mistakes with a single punch. The best example would be in his rematch fight against Luis Ortiz, he was losing all the rounds and then he just landed one single punch that ended the fight. Wilder’s style is the definition of it only takes one punch.

Wilder is famous for his phrase, “His opponent needs to be perfect for the whole 12 rounds, while he only needs 2 seconds to be perfect to win the fight”

After a brutal loss from Fury in their rematch, he wanted to pursue the trilogy since he has a rematch clause as per their contract but unfortunately the time has expired and Fury has a choice to fight other opponents.

Fury was supposedly going to fight before the year 2020 ends, but due to complicated legal issues against Wilder, he was forced to cancel his fight. Now there are talks that Fury would fight Anthony Joshua for the Undisputed Unification of the Heavyweight titles.

Deontay Wilder may choose to move on and fight some other names to prove his worth once more. He is still one of the best heavyweights in the world, despite his loss. Although we might see a different version since he withdrew his long time coach Mark Breland.

After the loss, Wilder may have taken it pretty badly as he came up with a lot of excuses for his loss. He should just own up and focus on getting better, he is without a doubt a talented boxer. Even though most would say he lacks the fundamentals, he still became the WBC Heavyweight champion given he started late in boxing. Just shows how talented he is in his punching power.

Wilder has said that Dillian Whyte is one of the names that he might be interested in fighting. They have had a long history of trashing each other but never fought yet. If Wilder stacks wins in his comeback, he could potentially fight for the title in no time. Not everyone has a legendary chin and great defense as Fury, so Wilder has a chance of reaching the top once more.

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