Curtis Blaydes vs. Derrick Lewis: Elite Heayweights Clash!

A fight that was supposedly booked on 2020 November but due to Blaydes being positive for COVID the fight was rescheduled on February 20. The fans will be treated with an important heavyweight fight that features former title challenger Derrick Lewis against one of the best wrestlers in the division, Curtis Blaydes.

Both fighters are the top contenders of the division and it should be an exciting matchup of Wrestler vs Striker. Lewis has one of the best recovery when taken down, he uses his size well to get back up, meanwhile Blaydes has the most takedowns in the division. Will Blaydes be able to hold Lewis long throughout the fight?

Blaydes has only lost to one man and it was against Francis Ngannou. Derrick Lewis has a win against Ngannou but it was not really the same fighter who was knocking out his opponent in under one round. The Ngannou that fought Lewis was a gun shy due to coming off a one-sided title loss against Stipe Miocic.

There is no doubt that Blaydes is one of the most talented fighters in the division, just to gauge how good he is, in all of his fighters he is always the favorite. Even in his fight against Ngannou he was the favorite. It just shows how elite he is and a win might give him his first title shot.

Blaydes has many ways of beating Lewis, he could choose to take him down and control him there or he could bait Lewis into shooting for a takedown and land a strike. He has shown he has knockout power during his fight with Junior Dos Santos.

Lewis’s chance of winning would be knocking out Blaydes. He is known for his powerful strikes that could happen anytime. 19 of his 24 fights ended in a knockout, and the highest chance of beating Blaydes is via knockout as shown in his Ngannou loss.

The current heavyweights is stacked compared to the past, where the contenders lacked talent but just outsize their opponents. Although there were top heavyweights that were great martial artist, majority of the lower ranked lacked the skills but just got away due to size or power.

The winner of the fight would either fight the winner of Gane vs Rozenstruik, who are fighting the week after or wait for the title shot.  Although, it is unlikely they get a title shot since Dana White has said that Jon Jones will likely fight the winner of the Miocic vs Ngannou 2 in his Heavyweight debut.

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