Derrick Lewis would fight Francis Ngannou for $8M, Jones responds

The Black Beast just reacted to Jon Jones’s update regarding a potential fight against Francis Ngannou. Obviously, the only thing that is stopping the fight from happening is the fight pay as Jones thinks that he deserves a bigger slice of the pie as he has achieved a lot and risking huge. Basically, the UFC is willing to pay around $10M for Jones to fight Ngannou.

A classic Derrick Lewis, posted saying that he would be willing to take the fight in a much lower amount. Although it is also worth noting that the amount might still be his biggest payday and the UFC might not be willing to spend that much for a name like Derrick Lewis.

Lewis is coming off a spectacular knockout win against Curtis Blaydes and also has a win over Ngannou. Although it was one of the most boring fights in heavyweight history, one of the reason might be because fans expected it will be fireworks considering both are the hardest hitters in the divison. During their first fight, Ngannou became gun-shy since he came from a dominating loss against Miocic and Lewis had his back injury.

Dana White has said that if Jones does not want to fight Ngannou, Lewis has the right to fight Ngannou. No doubt that the rematch will totally be different from their first fight since both are coming off a brutal knockout win. Joe Rogan has said that the only fighter that could have on par power with Ngannou might be Derrick Lewis.

Jones responded to Lewis’s tweet of wanting to fight by comparing both of their resume. Jon Jones has been dominating the light-heavyweight division for so long and is risking his record to fighting a bigger guy. It is worth noting that there will probably attract a lot of combat sport fans if the Jones vs Ngannou super-fight happens.

There is no argument that Jones deserves to be paid but the question would be if the UFC is willing to pay their fighters big amounts. The only fighter that has gotten huge money overtime is Conor McGregor due to his PPV attractions. The UFC could create a thin card headlined by McGregor and still be bigger than a three title fight card which is INSANE.

Either way, fans are hoping that the Jones vs Ngannou fight happens and both will come to an agreement. We don’t want to see a what could have been fight just because of money issues. This is a legacy fight for the UFC, Jon Jones and Francis Ngannou.

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