Vicente Luque just won the biggest name on his resume yet, he has shown huge improvements in this fight. Beating a former world champion, and to top it all of stopping him in under one round is really impressive.

Coming to fight, most fans thought that Woodley did not have the fire in him anymore, saying that he needs to let his hands go. Woodley certainly came to fight and threw bombs in the opening bell, but it was not enough to put a durable Luque down.

Although Woodley clipped Luque just above the ear that knocked Luque’s balance off a bit. Woodley then looked for the finish but backfired, as Luque landed a counter that knocked Woodley down. Since that shot landed, Woodley was not able to recover well, and Luque looked for the finish.

Woodley then wobbled to a corner and went down to get a breather but Luque locked a D’arce choke that made Woodley tap. What made it impressive was Woodley knows how to execute this submission very well as he has two wins in his resume with similar technique. The fight won the Fight of The Night award because of their tremendous back and forth.

Luque revealed that even Woodley’s corner yelled that he knew how to escape the submission. Unfortunately, due to being in the corner of the cage, Woodley could not be able to move that much and it was a matter of time for Woodley to tap from the choke.

With this win, Luque is now on a four fight win streak, and what makes sense for him is to fight a top 5 contender or whoever ranked above him. Luque looked fantastic and proved that he can either bang with the heavy-hitters or go to ground and submit his opponent.

As for Woodley though not official, he will likely get cut from the UFC. Dana White said that the fighter is already 38 years old and lost his last four fights. Woodley has been in the highest in the division but he needs to hang up his gloves since he has nothing left to prove. He already cemented his legacy.

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