Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and “The Notorious” Conor McGregor are two of the UFC’s biggest stars. Although they are within each other’s divisions, and have shared heated exchanges in the past, none of it has led to a fight between the two.

But this doesn’t mean nothing is going on behind the scenes.


What Happened?

Cerrone revealed recently that the McGregor fight was offered to him on two separate occasions but that McGregor chose the ‘easier fights.’

Tired of McGregor’s brash attitude and boastful demeanor, Cerrone went on the show “Norton & Friends” to tell it like it is.

“Someone please just shut this dude up,” said Cerrone. “Last night [at the UFC 205 press conference] I was going to get on the horn and start getting after him but I decided not to because you talk about him, people not taking fights, he, two times I had the obligation to fight him and he turned down and took the easier fight.”

It was recently announced by the UFC that McGregor would be challenging lightweight titleholder Eddie Alvarez in the main event of UFC 205 in New York later this year.


Conor Said No?

Cerrone and McGregor sat within a few feet of each other at the kick-off press conference when McGregor laid into the athletes in attendance, including Cerrone.

“When he fought Diaz for the first time, I just fought. So it was Sunday, I was flying home, Dana calls and asked me if I’d like to fight Conor and that was for the Diaz first fight. And, he declined me and took Diaz cause Diaz was in Mexico you know, took the fight on 10 days notice or whatever,” said Cerrone.

“But, why would he want to fight me coming off a win? So yeah, my name was in the hat. Conor and his people didn’t pick me.”

Cerrone feels that McGregor ducked him and took an easier fight in Nate Diaz at UFC 196. We all know how that one went down. But can you imagine if it were Cerrone in the cage instead of Diaz? We might have been parlay to an equally intense rivalry.

Cerrone however, seems to have had enough of McGregor’s trash talk and is wondering why McGregor starts tripping when the cameras are rolling.


“He Says Nothing In The Back…”

“I get annoyed when he wants to talk about he’s the ‘best in the world and I’ll fight anybody’ blah blah blah but when it comes time, like there’s a lot that people don’t know about right,” said Cerrone.

“Behind the scenes stuff but I know. I knew he’s like, ‘Yeah, no no no no,’ cause we were trying. And I didn’t even want to negotiate more money. I said, ‘F–k you let’s go. I’ll fight you for whatever.

“This dude same thing like last night, he’s good at when cameras are on talking sh-t. You get him in the back he don’t say nothing. F–k no, I been in the back many times with him.”

If McGregor does the impossible and beats Eddie Alvarez at 205, that would earn him the UFC’s 155-pound strap. A bout against “Cowboy” for McGregor’s first defense would definitely be intriguing.

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