During a highly unexpected moment, the world famous Emelianenko brothers have thrown around some serious accusations. Fedor and Aleks haven’t seen eye-to-eye for a long time, but this is nuts…

During his prime in the Pride FC years, Fedor Emelianenko was widely regarded as the best heavyweight on the planet. Although he was far from the biggest in his weight category, ‘The Last Emperor’ beat some of the best competition on the planet.

While Fedor reigned at the top, his younger brother Alexander also competed in Pride. ‘The Grim Reaper’ earned a reputation as a scary striker and had excellent footwork for someone of 254 pounds.

The similarities between the Emelianenko brothers really ended there. Alex’s alleged gang ties and un-sportsman-like lifestyle earned him a far more sinister reputation. On the other hand, Fedor lived a visibly clean and spiritual lifestyle.

In May 2015, the younger Emelianenko brother’s lifestyle caught up with him.


Sent to prison for the sexual assault a housemaid, Alexander fell off the MMA grid. He was released early in October of last year and has since won his first fight after becoming a free man.

Although it seems he is back on the beaten path, the rift between Alexander and Fedor only seems to have grown. During a number of social media posts, the feared brothers sent brutal statements to each other.

Fedor alleged Russian mafia ties between Aleks and notorious prison gangs, and Aleks made some shocking claims of his own:

Alex Claims He Fought Cro Cop to Save Fedor

“I suggested to Fedya:” Let me fight it, you can prepare for this time. ” I understood perfectly well that I was going to the face, I had nothing to catch against Krokop, I was not ready to fight him neither technically nor physically. I knew that I would get a kick in my head. And it happened. But it was necessary to buy time and help Fedya. He did not thank me for the fact that I actually helped him out.

“I was not surprised by this letter, even pleased. In it, he finally showed all his essence, all his inner space, and everyone saw that the shit in this man is greater than he weighs. He called me a Jew. If I’m a Judas, then who is he? Jesus Christ? “

Now he surrounded himself with “friends” who run after him, and never will anyone tell him the truth in the face of fear of losing beneficial ties. Some sycophants are around him, “

Fedor’s response was very harsh, and led to more beef:

“You hid from everyone that you were in prison for the first time in 18 years, explaining your tattoos are just a hobby. But there are more than a dozen photos with fellow inmates, and the room is clearly not like a tattoo parlor.

During this period, my close people helped you a lot, but you broke all their relations with them and poured mud on them after they left prison, “

“At that moment I participated in the Grand Prix, and the question of fighting with Mirko to protect my belt did not even rise. Then Mirko lost to Rendelmann, and you seized the opportunity, despite the fact that Vadim, Vladimir Mikhailovich, Alexander Vasilyevich and I were categorically against it because of your attitude to training and your inexperience and in every way discouraged you from this,”

“During the training, I repeatedly looked for you on bars and found me drinking alcoholic beverages. The team asked you to hold the weight, but instead you drank a beer belly, and everyone saw the result.”

Alexander claims he has some skeletons from Fedor’s closet he could reveal, but says it’s beneath him to ‘pour mud’ on Fedor. To be continued…

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