Many famous athletes worldwide enjoy playing conventional casino games, and boxers aren’t an exception. They all have something in common — an abundance of wealth and passion for thrill-seeking, and that’s one of the reasons they choose to gamble. But considering that they are celebrities who are followed by media constantly, many of these boxers decided to switch to gambling online.

This enables them to play in privacy, save plenty of precious time while playing from anywhere, whenever they want. If all of this seems appealing to you, check out the Casino Bros Canada website where you’ll find the most exceptional online casinos to choose from. Now, we’d like to present the list of the top five famous boxers who won in casinos for all the boxing admirers out there.

Mike Tyson

One of the best heavyweight boxers of all time and surely one of the most aggressive, Mike Tyson wasn’t only passionate about boxing, but gambling as well, which is a well-known fact. Since it was very challenging for him to protect his personal life, he got noticed many times at the most luxurious casinos. In addition to that, he also owned a huge mansion that had a nightclub and gambling zone in it. Talk about passion for gambling!

Apart from having major success while boxing, he has engaged in sports betting activities like betting on box matches, and casino gambling likewise. The huge fortune that he made during his career enabled him to place enormous bets at both traditional and online casinos. His name and face got featured in some exclusive online casino games too.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Another huge name in boxing and winner of the bronze Olympic medal among many other things, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also a huge gambling enthusiast. Aside from betting on a variety of casino games, he also enjoys placing bets on sports matches such as NBA and boxing. One of his most notable boxing matches where he won against Connor McGregor has further increased his popularity and the financial gain too since he placed a bet of $400 000 on himself on that match.

Manny Pacquiao

One of the biggest rivals of Floyd Mayweather Jr., the Philippines-born boxer Manny Pacquiao is widely recognized as an immense gambling devotee that enjoys placing very high stakes. Pacquiao can be seen in some of the world’s most distinguished casinos, including locations like Las Vegas, Macau, and Australia. One of his most well-known bets was placed on a cockfighting match (which is still legal in the Philippines), where he placed a bet of around $360000!

Evander Holyfield

Although Evander Holyfield is perhaps the biggest rival of Mike Tyson, he shared the same enthusiasm for gambling with him. Famous for his rambunctious private life, he has lost plenty of money because of three divorces, but this never stopped him from being a decent player. Unlike other celebrities who placed high stakes and lost a fortune, Holyfield placed small bets on various sports and casino games and played mostly for fun.

Vinny Pazienza

Vinny Pazienza was one of the best lightweight and light middleweight category boxers of all time. Although he was exceptional at boxing, he was also a huge gambler which drove him to become addicted and having gambling debts. The reason behind this was very poor money management and bad decisions in gambling. His favorite casino games were table games like poker, in which he spent a fortune. Other than that, he has also engaged in sports betting and playing online.


Surely, we could go on with the list forever, but instead, we have focused on the most notable boxers that are (or used to be) huge gambling enthusiasts. There are many reasons why boxers appreciate gambling, and earning tremendous sums of money allowed them to completely enjoy gambling in order to take a break from hard training and matches. Let us know who is your favorite boxer in the comments!