In Islam Makhachev’s ideal world, he wants to face Tony Ferguson for his next opponent. Makhachev’s English has also improved tremendously that could potentially market him in more casual fans. Tony Ferguson certainly doesn’t look like the same fighter that was riding on that long win streak but he is still a top contender in the lightweight division.

The reason Islam Makhachev wants to face Tony Ferguson is to prove what would have happened had Khabib vs Ferguson happened. The fantasy fight that UFC fans longed for, the fight that fans wanted to see but never got to. It is such an unfortunate part as the fight was booked numerous times yet one of the fighters pulled out each time.

Now Makhachev deserves to fight a highly ranked as he is riding on 8 fight win streak. The problem is many high ranked fighters are ducking him as many see him a fighter as dangerous as Khabib but lower ranked, basically means that if you do beat him the increase in your rank is just minimal.

Unlike Khabib where he may have been one of the most dangerous fighters, he was the champion so it is obvious that fighters wanted to fight him. For Makhachev it is just dangerous, even Paul Felder admitted that Makhachev is fighter that he avoided. It is hard to for Makhachev to climb the rankings when high ranked fighters keep ducking him.

Makhachev even called out one of the commentators, Michael Chandler but Chandler did not indicate whether he would accept the fight or not. Obviously a step back fight for Chandler as he just fought for the title but he needs to fight someone again if he wants to fight for the title again.

Who should Islam Makhachev fight next? He is clearly the boogeyman of the division. A lot of top contenders like Rafael Dos Anjos, Michael Chandler and even Tony Ferguson? Who will step up and face Islam Makhachev?

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