Seriously, how many people messed with Mike Tyson back in the day?

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson has gone through many stages of change in his storied life. He started as an angry youth with many issues stemming from a neglect-filled childhood.

He grew in to a brutish young man, knocking out fully grown men when he was just 15 years old, both in the boxing ring and in the streets. He eventually found glory as a professional boxer, winning the WBC heavyweight belt with a thunderous knockout over Trevor Berbick in 1986.


It wouldn’t be long before Tyson’s status as an all-time great would come under threat. After the death of his mentor Cus D’Amato and the split from trainer Mickey Rooney, as well as the loss to Buster Douglas, Tyson would go off the rails.

Drugs, alcohol, women and numerous other temptations would see ‘Iron Mike’ serve jail time, and his ferocious temper began getting the better of him in interviews and media appearances.


But even with Tyson’s fearsome reputation as a heavyweight wrecking machine, people were constantly trying their luck with him. The infamous knockout artist was involved in a number of sensational brawls and scuffles outside the ring, a number of which many of us had never even heard of until recently.

Today’s stories are wild to say the least.

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