Floyd Mayweather responds to 50 cent’s call out

Floyd Mayweather has a lot potential matches ahead of 2021. He recently announced officially that he would face Logan Paul for an exhibition match. Mayweather started the exhibition journey post retirement, who can blame him? He makes more money in his exhibition matches than most boxing champions.

Floyd Mayweather plans to fight in Japan again and fight Jake Paul as well if he beats Ben Askren. He then responded to a callout of his former friend, now enemy 50 cent. He is willing to face 50 cent but the contract would have to be winner takes all. Whoever loses in the fight, gets nothing. Of Course, Floyd will be expected to win since it is in his own field.

Would people watch Mayweather fight some celebrity who just boxes casually? There were a lot of speculations that the Logan Paul fight was rebooked because the buying rate was lower than expected. They did say it was due to COVID, but fans are in doubt since it COVID was already the new normal when the fight was announced.

But it also more intriguing for the fans to watch 50 cent since there is a history of both of them having back and forth. As they say in sports, the bad blood sells itself.

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