This Youtube crew encourages people to settle their differences with fists instead of guns. The most brutal finishes comes out of nowhere in ‘Satan’s Backyard’…

It’s too often nowadays that you hear of minor feuds or ‘beefs’ being settled with extreme violence, even murder. Minor differences, that could arguably be talked out, quite often end with murders in the modern age.

That’s why it’s somewhat refreshing to see that one group of people in the United States are encouraging thugs to settle their beefs with their fists instead of guns. Of course they film the whole fight, and put it on Youtube after all is said and done, but better than shooting at each other in the streets, right?

Meet Streetbeefs.


Description from the Streetbeefs Youtube channel:

GLOVE UP OR SHUT UP STREETBEEFS founder SCARFACE was recently the focus of the NEW YORK TIMES documentary titled GUNS TO GLOVES, wich can be seen on the new york times website. After years of watching people in our area severly hurt each other over various disputes, we decided to offer a solution. Come to SATANS BACKYARD and put gloves on to settle your dispute. No guns,No knives,No gang of friends jumping in. Just you, your Foe, the referee, and a group of spectators. We’ve settled hundreds of disputes in our area with this method, and hope to settle THOUSANDS more, all while entertaining our viewers. Some of our fighters are just 2 guys who wanna fight for sport, or to test themselves. So occasionally youll see sporting fights mixed in with our beef fights. Streetbeefs fighters form a bond with each other, and devlop lasting friendships, and we take pride in providing a safer outlet for aggressive young men and women.

So let’s see some of the fights!

Here’s one of the most infamous finishes to a backyard brawl you’ll ever see!
YouTube video
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