Have you ever thought ‘Am I wasting my life the way I’m living?’ Noodles did, and Muay Thai changed everything. Read his heart warming story here…

Meet ‘Noodles,’ he was just a stoner kid from the United States before he made a decision to change his life for the better. Known Stateside by his real name Emiliano Rivera, ‘Noodles’ made internet fame earlier this month when UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt blasted him to the gut in slow motion.

The video is here:

YouTube video
 Rivera was sent to Australia with the encouragement of his Mother after she realized he was a habitual drug user, in the form of Cannabis. His story is a rather interesting read to say the least, and he’s also competed in his first pro Muay Thai fight while down under.


Talking to FightMag about his previous lifestyle and learning since training martial arts, Noodles has a lot to teach your average Joe. Check it out, and watch his first fight which ended by KO after the quotes:

“Before I came to Australia I was smoking weed every day, drinking…” Rivera said.

“I was living a really unhealthy lifestyle, eating crap food… just so lazy and not motivated, ”

“It’s a really depressing lifestyle after a while.”

“Coming to Australia was probably the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life,”

“It’s just seems to be going up and up. I am living a dream.”

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