The boxing arbitration ruled Fury vs Wilder rematch, in favor of Wilder’s side. The ruling basically means that Fury has no choice but to fight to fight Wilder for the third time. It was indicated in their contracts that the loser of the fight could demand a rematch, but no one predicted of the pandemic happening.

Now, if we look at their two fights, most fans would agree that Fury won most of the rounds. In their first fight, Wilder only won two or three rounds at most in most eyes but the judges two judges thought of it the other way. Fury was out of shaped in the first fight coming out of post alcoholic and depression but still beat Wilder in their fight.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

One could say that Fury did not beat Wilder but it was a draw, well technically that is the ruling but if we ask most of the experts or even fans, they would agree that Fury was robbed with probably one of the greatest comebacks in boxing history. Fury accepted the draw like a true champion, showing class with results instead.

Now on to their rematch, though it was not immediate as both fighters fought two different opponents prior their rematch. Fury changed his camp from Ben Davison to SugarHill just a few months to their rematch. Many thought it was a risky move for Fury as he would need time to adjust to a different style.

Fury changed his style completely, where he advances more rather than fight on the outside. Wilder had no answer with Fury’s pressure as it was revealed that Wilder fights better if he is the one moving forward. Fury neutralized the right hand of Wilder and we all know that Wilder’s only chance of winning is landing the right bomb.

So in their trilogy, Wilder changed camps also but has more time to train due to the pandemic delay. Wilder had a lot of excuses in his first ever loss, saying his costume was too heavy, to Fury’s gloves and even blamed his coach for the loss. Now he has a chance to avenge his loss against Fury as their third fight.

As for Fury, he has said that Wilder is his priority for now but will eventually come to fight Anthony Joshua for the undisputed title. Don’t sleep on Wilder just yet, he could still end the night with that one punch.


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