Wow…Former world heavyweight boxing champion and sports legend George Foreman is GAME!

Two-time world heavyweight boxing champion George Foreman is widely regarded as a living legend. Starting out his boxing career in 1969, the intimidating 20-year old quickly garnered a fearsome reputation.

His huge physique coupled with insane punching power and gruff demeanor saw Foreman undefeated in his first 40 fights. When Foreman met Muhammad Ali in the classic Rumble in The Jungle, he’d battered Joe Frazier, Jose Ramon and Ken Norton in his last three.

Although he came unstuck and lost by knockout to Ali, Foreman’s career was far from over. After some time off, Foreman returned in 1976, only to retire three years later in 1977 with a record of 45-2.

Again, this was far from the end of Foreman’s fighting days, as he’d comeback again in 1987, fighting for another 10 years. This time, he broke the record for oldest ever heavyweight champion (45 Years), retaining it to this day.

George Foreman is looking to fight again…

Foreman’s Challenge To Steven Seagal

Although a ripe age of 68 right now, Foreman’s itch to fight clearly hasn’t left him. Taking to social media this week, ‘Big George’ called out well-known ‘martial artist’ and actor Steven Seagal.

Seagal’s legitimacy in the martial arts world has often been questioned. Foreman goes as far as to offer Seagal free range with no set rules in the contest:


Obviously, this sounds crazy to the untrained eye, but Foreman has been involved in a similarly freakish contest before. Not many people know this, but Foreman took part in one of the most bizarre one-night tournaments you’ll ever see.

Taking place after his contest with Ali, Foreman was hoping to build up to a rematch. Although that never happened, his contest against FIVE boxers in one night was truly a crazy sight to behold:

YouTube video

Final Thoughts

Showing just how much of a gentle giant he is, Foreman’s comments about Ali after his death speak volumes. Even after their tense rivalry and the shattering impact on Foreman’s life, he had nothing but love for Muhammad Ali.

As per

Yeah, lost – a giant tree just fell and Muhammad Ali – there’ll never be another. Well, it was a strange event because I had beaten Joe Frazier who of course had beaten Muhammad Ali. I’d knocked out Ken Norton who had beaten him. So this, for me, I thought, could be the easiest money I’d ever get in boxing.

Yeah. Boy, I got into the ring, and I hit him with everything I had. He survived, and after about six rounds, he started whispering, that all you got, George? Show me something, George. And I knew this was a frightful moment. And I kept thinking I’ve gotten myself into more than I realized.

I realize a part of me slipped away, and I called it the greatest part – Muhammad Ali because it was he who made me glimpse into boxing, same with Frazier. We looked into boxing by way of Muhammad Ali and then there we were talking about each other, boasting about each other, trying to knock one another out. We were one fellow. We really were.

My life is never going to be the same without having to look to the left seeing did Muhammad hear my interview? Did – what did he have to say about that photograph? It’s gone now. A piece of me is gone forever.

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