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Since Georges St-Pierre retired in 2013, the sport really has been the same. Especially in the welterweight division, ‘GSP’ was an outstanding example of a UFC champion. Inside the octagon he was professional, and outside he led an exemplary lifestyle.

After Anderson Silva was knocked out, St-Pierre’s departure was a big blow for the UFC. Just like that, in the space of six months, the two biggest stars in the UFC were gone. Strangely, ‘Rush’ is now coming back when the promotion needs him most.

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He’s Back

After Ronda Rousey got destroyed and Conor McGregor took a stance against the UFC, suddenly negotiations with ‘GSP’ improved. Just last week it became official, St-Pierre is back in the UFC.

Amid the craziness of the McGregor vs. Mayweather talk, the UFC had made a crucial catch. Now, with ‘GSP’ back in their ranks, it’s time to talk about his comeback fight.

GSP Wants McGregor

Speaking during an appearance on ‘The MMA Hour’ this week, St-Pierre’s coach Firas Zahabi said McGregor is the fight they want:

“McGregor is such a mega-star that if you put those two on a main event, I don’t think that anybody in the world wouldn’t watch that. I think that even non-MMA fans would watch that. But again, I don’t do the match-ups, I don’t do the managing, I’m just talking as a trainer.”

“My ideal scenario, I don’t know if it’s still up for grabs, but I was really happy when there was a buzzing of Bisping or McGregor. I thought those two would be two epic fights. One, he would go a little lower; one, he would go a little higher. But those are really, really intriguing fights. Of course, Tyron Woodley, he’s the champion and et cetera, but he has his fight with ‘Wonderboy’. And if ‘Wonderboy’ wins, then they’ll have a trilogy. And of course we don’t want to fight with ‘Wonderboy,’ we go way back together.”

“I’m not so worried about titles. I think he’s done that. It would be great if it’s a title, but it comes down to a good name that he likes and it’s exciting, and it’s something the fans would want to see.”

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