This is getting really grizzly…

Once known as a promising young MMA prospect, Jon Koppenhaver’s life has gone wildly downhill. Over the course of his UFC and Bellator career, War Machine got in plenty of bother with the law.

Spending a number of stints behind bars for assaults, Machine hit the headlines in August 2014 for all the wrong reasons. During a horrifying attack on ex-girlfriend Christy Mackinday, Machine allegedly lost all control and came close to killing her.

Brutal Assault

Upon discovering his ex-girlfriend and famous pornstar Christy Mack with another man, Machine reportedly went berserk. Viciously beating Christy and her companion, while allegedly threatening to kill them both.

After the attack, Mack was left with no teeth in the front of her mouth, broken ribs, broken nose, shattered eye sockets and a damaged liver. During the latest hearing at the trial today, more details of how truly abusive Machine could be emerged.

History of Violence

According to the transcript on Bloody Elbow, Machine had previously beaten Mack up over an incident involcing their daughter’s snake. Erin Mackinday, Christy’s mother, was a witness at today’s hearing:

A visibly emotional Erin Mackinday held back tears as she took the stand and described the abusive relationship her daughter was involved in with Jon Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to War Machine. Mackinday, who lived with her daughter for a period of time in Las Vegas, witnessed one of the fights between the couple over Mack’s pet snake. On this occasion, Koppenhaver allegedly grabbed Mack by the neck, lifted her off the ground, and dragged her up the stairs before throwing her onto the bed. Mackinday recalled trying to calm her daughter down afterwards.

“I took her into the bathroom, held onto her and said ‘shut up! He will kill you. Shut up!’” “He stood in the closet with his laundry bag taking his clothes stuffing it in there saying I’m going to kill! I’m going to kill you!”

“I held her hand and she said ‘Please don’t cry,’ so I squatted down under the bed so I wouldn’t upset her and I held her hand and I cried,” said Mackinday. “Then I stood up and said ‘It’s done.’”

August 2014 Attack

Machine’s legal team is pushing his not guilty plea with a somewhat crazy defense. They claim Mack fantacized about being ‘raped and beaten,’ and that the 2014 assault was ‘planned.’

Every aspect of this terrible case is just horrific.

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