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Everything that the sun’s rays fall on is the kingdom of steroids. But what is over there in the shadows? It is hcg pct, son. Today we will teach you how to keep your hormonal balance safe, why you need post-cycle therapy, its options, and much more. Let`s start.

Why Do You Need Post Cycle Therapy

Post-cycle therapy is crucial. Do you not have a question about why you need a parachute while jumping off a plane right? So not to become a living human cutlet, you need to follow simple rules, which were created not for nothing before you and tested many times. The mechanism of action of every existing steroid (to be more specific, mechanism of testosterone, because it is the main part of every steroid) is as follows: Injecting large amounts of testosterone can increase BMD by more than 15%. Suppose the testes produce the usual testosterone in adolescence or at a young age before reaching puberty. In that case, this increases the basal metabolic rate by 5-10% compared to its possible value against the background of the absence of testicular activity, all other things being equal.

Such an increase in the level of basal metabolism, possibly, is a consequence of the anabolic action of testosterone, which leads to an increase in the amount of protein in cells or, in other words, to an increase in the number of enzymes that determine the general level of activity of all cells in the body. Moreover, it increases the level of red blood cells, increases oxygen saturation, and affects water retention and other cellular mechanisms. So when steroids speed up your organism, it is really hard to stop it. Imagine starting 100 km/h and then an abrupt stop. The same happens to your body, leading to pain, mood swings, decreasing the size of your balls, hormonal imbalance, and pit, and even losing all your gained results, and more. That’s why you goddam need post-cycle therapy, and you can try one of the options – hcg pct.

What is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

Chorionic Gonadotropin is a peptide hormone found in women’s bodies in early pregnancy, and it is produced in the placenta. The abbreviation HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This is an indicator of pregnancy, as it appears in the blood only at this time. Moreover, this is used in pregnancy tests to show you two red stripes you dreamt about. Without exception, all users of anabolic steroids, during the course, are faced with inhibition of the work of the testicles, which leads not only to a violation of the secretion of natural testosterone but to other abnormalities in the work of the reproductive system.

This process occurs when an excess of testosterone begins in our body. As a result of which a signal is received to lower or even suspend the production of natural testosterone, which of course affects the work of the testicles since, with their help, the very production of this hormone occurs. With an excess of testosterone in the body, the testes stop producing the required amount of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones. The textiles decrease in size due to their reduced activity. And here comes hcg pct. It boosts up the synthesis of hormone production and renews your testicles. This is the only reason it is used in bodybuilding, only on pct.

Benefits And Side Effects

The main benefit is that this thing can save your balls. Moreover, it increases the quantity and quality of your sperm, making loads longer and bigger. Among side effects, we can distinguish that HCG can cause significant water retention and gynecomastia. Unfortunately, HCG can convert to estrogen. To avoid moobs (mans` boobs), run an aromatase inhibitor cycle with it. Last but not least, HCG can cause adrenal rebound effects. Stressless, eat more, take only the prescribed dosage, and you will be alright.

PCT protocols

HCG is quite a hardcore option because its action is quite similar to testosterone action. That is why you need to be desperate enough to start using. If you are sure that Nolva or Clomid are not helping, then wait for the longest compound in the stack to pass and disappear from your body (a week or two). Then take 2500 IU HCG 4 times, every 4th day for ten days. After that, stop HCG and polish it with a maximum dosage of your main post-cycle therapy, and here you are, strong as a bull.


Despite controversial opinions, HCG is still considered one of the most powerful options for post-cycle therapy. If you think that it is your last chance, you can trust HCG, and it can help you, but with a price of additional AI`s and side effects.

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