The former UFC flyweight and bantamweight have called out Jake Paul for a boxing match. Other than UFC, Cejudo was the youngest American to win Olympic Gold in wrestling history at age 21. So in terms of combat sports resume, Cejudo has one of the best resumes in UFC history.


Jake Paul became one of the biggest names in boxing with only 2 fights in his pro debut. After co-main eventing, the Tyson-Jones card, media personnel wanted to know who Jake Paul will fight. His performance became trending because of how Nate Robinson was knocked out cold.

Jake Paul indicated that he wanted Dillon Danis or Conor Mcgregor as his next opponent. Danis is Mcgegor’s teammate who is a prodigy in BJJ but not that good in the striking department.

Daniel Cormier predicts that if Paul vs Danis happens, Paul might get the victory since it is boxing but if he fights Mcgregor he loses.

Although Danis responds as well disagreeing with Cormier’s claims. If it is MMA then it is a different story since Danis could use his BJJ where Paul will look lost. In Danis’s past fight he has shown to have been clipped when standing up so his striking is not that good and has many flaws.

It is interesting if Cejudo vs Paul happens because this is where Skill vs Size comes into play. Paul might have over 40lbs advantage because of how small Cejudo is, so Paul can outsize him in his matches.

But Cejudo is an accomplished Martial Artist and his skill may outbox Paul. We have seen Cejudo beat bigger guys before but not the size of Jake Paul. According to Paul in the Robinson fight, he might have balloned to near 200lbs.

Jake Paul responds to Cejudo’s callout saying that he is a huge fan of Cejudo but he just can’t generate viewers.

Mike Tyson gave credit to Jake Paul saying that he rescued Boxing due to popular name among non-boxing fans. He has a huge following on social medias which might have also factored in Tyson-Jones PPV success.

Conor Mcgegror has not responded to the callout, since he still has a fight on January against Dustin Poirier. He has also indicated to wanting to fight Manny Pacquiao which might generate even bigger money.

With Logan Paul vs  Floyd Mayweather exhibition match booked, Jake Paul might be the co-main event, he may be looking for an opponent of his interest.



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