(Feature image credit Master Mehrdad’s Muay Thai Fighters)

Another look at street fighting today, but with a twist. This time it’s not two drunken dudes bashing each other’s brains in, rather two girls getting down. There’s also a martial arts aspect in the fight too.


The story behind the fight is unknown, but it seems the two have very hard feelings towards each other. It looks like the backdrop is some sort of yard, with onlookers taking a look at the fight and obviously one of them recording.

Girls can be very spiteful, sometimes even more than men. Often when they fight, hair pulling, scratching and even eye gouging are frequently used techniques. In this example though, it’s the Muay Thai knees that do the damage.

That was nasty. Aside from the hair-pulling, which honestly is a savage bitch move, that was a solid and reasonably fair fight. The next story has many factors that will probably make your blood boil.


Racist Terrorist Chooses The Wrong Victim

It’s very possible that this racist bully picked on the black version of Mirko Cro Cop, as the victim fights back…

Damn! Now that’s how you take charge of a situation right there. In case you don’t know what the word was he uttered, it’s basically the South African version of the ‘N word,’ so don’t feel sorry for the guy by any means.

The beating may have appeared brutal, but the man who won the fight really only used minimum force to stop the fight. Then we have the other end of the scale when an apparently meaningless situation spirals out of control.

Watch as a man who has a bad attitude gets his face re-arranged simply for eating seeds on the subway. It’s a crazy video that features a mortal kombat-type wannabe superhero who came with a weapon..

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