WATCH: 52-Year-Old Mike Tyson Still Punches Like a Savage

By Dazzler

He is One of the Most Iconic Fighters of All Time… The Legendary Mike Tyson Was Renowned for His Power Punches… And This Clip Below Proves That He Has Still Got it…

You might not like Mike Tyson but you have to respect what he achieved in the sport of boxing. The former unified heavyweight champion of the world was a tour de force in his heyday, back in the late 80s and early 90s. He conquered all who came before him, brutalizing them with vicious power.

Remarkably, despite a rape conviction, he has still managed to maintain his career, transcending the MeToo era. Tyson regularly appears in films and on TV and has become an icon of pop culture. With his famous face tattoo, he’s also one of the most distinctive former professional boxers around.

If you think age might have slowed him down, then you’re going to be shocked by the video below. He’s still clearly got devastating power and ferocious speed. You would not want to be at the end of the combo below.


Tyson was renowned for his ludicrous power. One of his signature combinations was an uppercut followed by a left hook. He demonstrates his speed to great effect. If you get caught by one of those punches then you would definitely be going to sleep.

In his career Tyson managed to achieve 44 KOs in 50 wins. That is a phenomenal record and just shows how much of a threat he was. Many fighters were beaten before they even went into the cage, because ‘Iron Mike’ was like an intense animal, like nothing they had ever faced before.

Mike Tyson. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


You might not like it, but Tyson remains an icon of the sport. So much so that on a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience, the most recent unified heavyweight champion of the world said that he would come out of retirement to fight Tyson again. Lennox Lewis said:

“Well you know, I told people that I’d take my pyjamas off for a 100 mill (£76m). So if you’re serious – come with it baby, show me the paper.”

At the ripe old age of 53, would it really be a smart idea for Lewis to take on the 52-year-old Tyson? Sure they peaked at different times, but the result would probably be quite different now. Tyson was KOed by Lewis in 2002. You wouldn’t bet against him now. While it’s unlikely to happen, somebody with no principles like Oscar De La Hoya would probably book it if he could.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports.


While Tyson was notorious for being incredibly volatile as a young man, he’s much calmer now. Gone are the days where he has pet tigers or bites the ears of his opponents. Now he’s promoting his marijuana business. He smokes a lot of the herb and maybe that has contributed to his shift in personality.

‘Iron Mike’ is here to stay in the public eye. Very few men would be able to maintain their careers after doing the things that he has done, but maybe sometimes people do change. It’s a difficult one.