The Lakers have major changes in their roster

The defending champion Los Angeles Lakers will be changing their role players. Their starting line-up will not be the same coming to the season. Both of their centers who contributed a lot in their playoff run have left the team.

Dwight Howard and Javale Mcgee were crucial in their playoff run, especially against Denver Nuggets. Since Nikola Jokic was on a run and other teams have a difficult time stopping him because he was a versatile big man.  Javale Mcgee was traded to give way for Marc Gasol.

Good thing the Lakers got Marc Gasol, who was a Laker drafted player but was traded. He won a championship ring as well, with the Toronto Raptors. Another player who didn’t play for the team in the playoffs was Demarcus Cousins due to injuries. Cousins has switched to the Houston Rockets. Marc Gasol is the brother of Two-time Laker Champion Pau Gasol who played with Kobe Bryant.

Former Los Angeles Clipper, Montrezl Harrel also went to the Lakers. The Clippers were among the top 2 favorites to win the championship last year but fell short in the Western Conference Semi-finals. Harrel also recently won the 6th man of the year and was a good player overall.

Danny Green who was the starting guard for the Lakers will also be leaving the team. He and Jaden McDaniels are traded for OKC point guard Dennis Schroder. Schroder will likely be the starting point guard due to Rajon Rondo leaving the team for the Atlanta Hawks.

Danny Green proved underperformed in their playoff run but was still effective as a role player. His overall performance was not the Danny Green we were used to seeing but still manage to defend effectively. Green just missed open big shots one after another. His stocks may have lowered due to his playoff performance.

Rajon Rondo might be the 3rd most effective player behind Lebron James and Anthony Davis in the run. He is nicknamed the Playoff Rondo due to him elevating his game during the playoffs. He orchestrated plays when Lebron is out and gave important buckets in the Finals with the Heat.

Rondo is now the only player to win a ring with Boston and with the Lakers, both teams are the most successful team in of all of NBA. He has now 2 rings which he may be satisfied and so he went with the Atlanta Hawks.

The Lakers are now in need of a shooting guard to catch and shoot or even shoot buckets. Luckily the Lakers got Wesley Matthews who is a known shooter. Matthews’s style of play might likely be compatible with Lebron’s. Matthews will likely replace Danny Green’s position.

Anthony Davis has not yet officially signed the Laker contract but is most likely going to re-sign with the Lakers. He just won the Championship Ring and proved to be one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Another big name who has not yet officially signed is MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis Antetokounmpo might have a delay due to the unsuccessful playoff being the number 1 seed. Milwaukee Bucks are a small market team that might discourage Giannis from re-signing.

Other Lakers teams that have stayed are Alex Caruso, Kyle Kuzma, and KCP. Although many Laker Fans want Kuzma to be traded for another good player but no official announcement as of the moment. Markieff Morris also stayed with the Laker team.





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