Wilder’s ex-trainer Mark Breland: Deontay became Untrainable

After news of Wilder accusing Breland of spiking the water that led to his loss and even went to drop him as his boxing coach, Breland went to the media and had his say on the matter. He said that Wilder could not be even taught a proper jab.

Breland said that due to Wilder becoming a household name, sometimes he could not personally train the bronze bomber.

“After Deontay became a name in boxing, new members joined the team and it got to the point where I didn’t even have my fighter’s phone number. I haven’t spoken to Deontay alone in years. The things that I told Deontay to do had to be run past Jay.”

If this is true, then Wilder is making the mistake. Breland was there when Wilder was not even the best heavyweights and to have no contacts with your training camp is rough for both parties. Boxing is about who works the hardest or some smartest. They say that if you work harder in training then you bleed less in fights.

He also said that Wilder became untrainable due love of going for knockouts. It may be true that Wilder has one of the biggest knockout power in all of sports so he may have not needed to learn the technical side of the sport. Only one person prior to Fury was able to survive his power but was knocked out in the rematch. It just shows that Wilder’s power is a once in a generation talent.

“Deontay had become untrainable because he was at the point of, he knows more about boxing than all of us. So teaching a correct jab was not a priority to learn once he continued on his knockout streak … so a coach can only teach someone if they’re willing to learn.”

Breland was also the only trainer in his team that decided to throw the towel. Wilder accused Breland of being a traitor and was an acquaintance of Fury’s team. Breland addressed the issue by saying that it was for the health and safety of his fighter. He also said there was no cutman in their team, so it could potentially lead to permanent health risk.

“Lastly, at that fight just as many others we had no cutman because Deontay won’t need it. So I’m not a doctor but I know blood coming out of your ears and dazed eyes could be a brain issue and power comes from your legs and his legs were gone.”

If Wilder did not even have a cutman in his corner, it shows that he believes that is invincible. Anything can happen inside the boxing ring, Tyson Fury got cut above his eye against Otto Wallin, luckily his cutman did a great job of preventing further damage.

Breland surely did not want Wilder do go out on his shield. There is a reason that throwing the towel is allowed, it is for the corner to decide whether the fight should continue or not. Health is still the most important for any boxers.

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