Good news for the boxing fans, The Filipino Boxing/Senator just posted in his official twitter account, that a fight date and opponent will be announced soon. Manny Pacquiao has not fought for the year of 2020 but is looking to fight at least two times this year. Hopefully his plans go according to plan.

Pacquiao also became the WBA in recess due to him being inactive inside the ring. Fortunately, this does not stop Pacquiao to getting back inside the ring once more. His last fight, he beat an undefeated Keith Thurman and won via decision. Some fans would say, during his prime he was beating legends, now he is a legend beating boxers in their prime.

Fans might need to be a bit more patient as he has not announced who his next opponent is but it does not stop them from speculating. A lot rumored opponent are obviously in the mix. So who are the big names that are in the list?

First one would be Conor McGregor, as both teams started negotiating last year when McGregor fought Cerrone. It would be a massive payday for both fighters since they have a huge fanbase even among casuals. Unfortunately the likelihood of it happening might be lower after the knockout loss of McGregor.

Ryan Garcia also called out Manny Pacquiao, wanting to pass the torch to the young undefeated boxer. Garcia always looked up to Manny as one of his heroes and wants to have a similar career to Manny’s. Pacaquiao also confirmed that they are negotiating a deal but it was for an exhibition match. The fans did not like the idea, and Garcia even said that he is willing to fight that officially affects their record.

Although the Golden Boy Promotions shut down the idea of Ryan fighting Pacquiao and saying that the fight will not happen. Garcia is also rumored to fight Tank Davis so the Golden Boy might pursue that fight instead.

Probably the biggest fight that could add to Pacquiao’s legacy would have to be fighting either Terence Crawford or Errol Spence Jr. If Pacquiao somehow beats either of those champion, his already fantastic legacy would skyrocket even more. Beating a top undefeated pound for pound fighter in his age would defy the odds once more.

Terence Crawford already has said that he wants to pursue Pacquiao as well due to Spence negotiations being a nuisance. Although Spence has a higher chance of landing the fight since Spence and Manny share the same promoter.

One thing for sure is at the end of the day, whoever Manny chooses fans will still tune in. Pacquiao pretty much guarantees an entertaining fight win or lose. He always puts a show for the people.

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