Number 2 Bantamweight Contender, Cory Sandhagen said to the media that former Bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw does not deserve a title shot right after his suspension. Dillashaw is coming off a loss against Henry Cejudo where it was later revealed that he tested positive of EPO.

Dillashaw admitted in his account that it was his fault and is willing to serve the punishment given by the USADA. He went on to say that due to the massive weight cut, he needed to have a slight advantage by injecting the EPO in his body.

Sandhagen does have a point, why should the UFC grant a cheater of an immediate title and top it all of is coming off a loss. Meanwhile a lot of contenders are working hard to go on a winning streak to have a chance of becoming a UFC champion. Although Sandhagen has went on to say, he is willing to fight Dillashaw for his first comeback fight.

UFC does have a history of giving fighters who tested positive, special treatments. One example is Jon Jones, he tested positive numerous times yet he always gets a title shot after the suspension has been served. He fought Daniel Cormier and Gustaffsson for the title right after his suspension.

Sandhagen also has the right to have a title shot, no other fighter deserves it more than him. The only one more worthy would be the guy that beat him, Aljamain Sterling who is fighting for the title against Petr Yan. Sandhagen said that he wants the winner and predicts a knockout. He said that he learned a lot from the loss against Sterling and is a different fighter right now.

With a viscous knockout win against Frankie Edgar, he more than deserves a title shot after Yan vs Sterling. It could even go as far as a knockout of the year candidate and it is still the second month of the year.

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