Sex is a natural part of being human. People have sex for various reasons, the most common being “because it feels good.” However, when we look at the act of intercourse, there is a natural power balance at play. As a rule, one person penetrates the other, making one individual more dominant than the other.

Typically, those on the bottom, aka receiving penetration, are more submissive. Since women are often at the bottom, they’re usually in this role. However, sex can be more than just missionary and doggy-style positions, and dominance can be traded back and forth. So, let’s look at the power dynamic of sex and how it influences people. We’ll also discuss how sites like SexLikeReal help individuals discover which side they belong to. 

Power and Sex – How they Comingle

Dominance and submission are a byproduct of sex because of how it’s performed. Again, the act of penetration is a symbol of power, and the act of receiving penetration is a symbol of submission. 

However, what’s interesting is when this power imbalance switches, especially when individuals are the opposite in their real life. 

For example, a woman may be dominant in her career or with her partner, but when she’s ready for sex, she becomes submissive. The same can happen with a man who might prefer his partner to dominate him. 

Dominance and submission also show up in homosexual situations. In this case, because both partners have similar genitals, the power balance shifts based on personality and preference rather than biology. For example, even though two gay men have penises and can penetrate each other, one is more likely dominant than the other and does most of the penetration. 

Dominance and BDSM

Some individuals like to lean into this power balance and engage in dominant sexual behavior. BDSM (bondage, dominance, submission, masochism) takes this balance to somewhat extreme levels. In some cases, individuals may not even engage in explicit sexual behavior. Instead, the pleasure comes from being dominated by someone else and letting them control one’s actions. 

Within BDSM relationships, it’s common for traditional roles to be reversed. Many men like being dominated by a woman for various reasons, even if there is no actual sex involved. What’s crucial within these relationships is the consensual transfer of power. Also, both partners must be clear about their boundaries and limitations. Typically, partners agree on a safe word to ensure that neither one crosses the line too much. 

Pegging and Role Reversal

When it comes to heterosexual relationships, pegging is a perfect way to flip the script and allow men to be dominated by women. Since penetration is naturally a dominant act, a woman penetrating a man is a powerful experience. 

Usually, pegging comes with some form of BDSM, but not always. Sometimes, partners may penetrate each other for a mutually dominant and submissive sexual experience. In most cases, pegging is desirable because it allows men to feel what it’s like to have someone else take control of their bodies. Getting dominated by someone you’re attracted to is quite pleasurable. Since straight men don’t want to get pegged by another man, it makes sense to have a woman do the act instead. 

Another primary benefit of pegging is that it feels good for men because of their prostate inside the anus. Stimulation of the prostate can lead to more intense orgasms and better sexual health.

For women, pegging is a turn-on for different reasons. Some women like giving their partners better sexual experiences. Others prefer the dominance it brings, giving them implicit control over their pleasure. Even though women don’t have an actual penis, pegging provides sexual confidence that can’t be found elsewhere. 

Overall, dominance and submission are crucial aspects of sex, and individuals can figure out what they like by checking out scenes on sites like SexLikeReal

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