The boss is not happy…

Before UFC 209, there was quite the media frenzy around Tyron Woodley. Having put on arguably the best fight of his career at UFC 205, there was plenty of anticipation for Woodley’s return.

Since the first fight with Stephen Thompson, ‘The Chosen One’ had some very controversial points to raise. Claiming the UFC and fans were guilty of racism towards him, Woodley put his employers on blast.

Woodley’s Claims/UFC 209 Performance

After he’d fought to a draw with ‘Wonderboy’ in New York, ‘T-Wood’ vowed to KO his rival on March 4. Setting the scene for another epic barn burner, Woodley talked a mean game. Unfortunately, the fight did not pan out that way.

Come UFC 209, and possibly the most boring title fight of all time. Sadly, the five-round affair was not a scratch on their first fight. Fans booed as Woodley eeked out a decision victory.

UFC president Dana White was thoroughly unimpressed:

White Shreds Woodley

Speaking with TMZ in a recent interview, UFC boss Dana White had a very blunt reaction to Woodley vs. Wonderboy 2:

“Tyron Woodley came out and said he was going to destroy Thompson and there would be no question he was the champ.

“Well guess what? There’s questions again.

“Let me tell you what…when you have a performance like you did at 209 and you get booed for five straight rounds and then people are booing so loud you can’t even do your interview, you should probably just take your lumps and move on. Get your next fight as fast as you can and try to put that performance behind you. There’s one guy around here who calls the shots and as soon as you learn that, the better off you’ll be.”

Mandatory Credit: Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

What’s Next?

Unfortunately for ‘Wonderboy,’ the likelihood of another title shot while Woodley is champion is slim. For ‘The Chosen One,’ he really needs a top performance in his next bout. With the promotion heavily focused on making money right now, a low-selling champ is exactly what they don’t need.

The contenders at 170 pounds are limited, some may argue that Demian Maia is the only true number one. Let’s see how this thing plays out.

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