Five Disgraced Fighters Who Were Banned For Life

It takes a lot to get banned for life from MMA or boxing. In fact, few have ever received such punishment. Giving a fighter in his mid-30s a 2-year suspension can be essentially the same thing however, and plenty of those have been handed out in recent years.

If you get popped for PEDs you’ll only get 1-2 years; it takes something far worse to get banned for life. The actions of these 5 fighters however, were deemed so terrible that they received the ultimate in sanctions as a result.

5. Vido Loncar

I mean, he’s kind of got a point here, but perhaps he should have gone about registering his complaint a different way. Vido Loncar earned his lifetime ban at the European Youth Boxing Championships for beating up a referee.

The event was held in Loncar’s home country in 2014, tho the referee didn’t show him any local favouritism. The referee waved the fight off after giving Loncar a standing 8. Loncar disagreed with the referee’s assessment on his ability to continue. As a form of aggressive protest, he attacked the referee before the result could be announced.