Nick Diaz’s last fight was January 31st, 2015…

The last time we saw Nick Diaz in the octagon he dropped a decision to Anderson Silva at UFC 183. That result would later be declared a no-contest after Diaz tested positive for marijuana and Silva failed for several substances he claims came from a sexual aide supplement.

Diaz is not under suspension anymore, and should be free to fight anytime. Months continue to creep by however, and it seems we are nowhere closer to scheduling his next bout. The 33 year old did release some information regarding negotiations he has had recently, which reveals some insight as to who we may see him fight next.

What’s Next for the Diaz Brothers?

Neither Diaz brother is saying much as it concerns upcoming fights. We know that Nate turned down a bout with Eddie Alvarez and may possibly be unwilling to accept any fight other than the trilogy bout with Conor. Unless an equally profitable fight is offered to Nate, he probably isn’t going to accept it.

Nick meanwhile, is most likely adopting a similar strategy of only looking to accept bouts which will draw on PPV. There are only so many possible opponents for him in the “money weight” division however.

The Diaz brothers have a point regarding their financial worth. Nate gave Conor his highest grossing PPV main events, and Nick did the same for Georges St. Pierre at UFC 158. Both Nate and Nick can lay claim to being in the “money weight” division, so it makes sense they would only want the most profitable fights.

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Nick Diaz vs. GSP or Michael Bisping?

TMZ reporters caught up with Nick just after UFC 209 finished airing. Like most who saw the fight, Nick was not impressed with Woodley vs. Thompson 2. He doesn’t appear interested in fighting either one of them either.

Instead Nick would reveal to reporters that he had verbally agreed to a deal with Michael Bisping, but the fight never materialized. Similarly Nick had also agreed to a rematch with Georges St. Pierre, a bout that was heavily rumoured this summer.

Check out Nick’s comments to reporters in the video below:

YouTube video

Nick is a more established draw on PPV than Bisping. It’s surprising that so many fighters are interested in a “super fight” with Bisping considering how poorly his PPVs tend to do. Nick’s done successful PPVs with Anderson Silva and GSP, whereas Bisping’s top grossing PPV ever was UFC 204, and that did under 300,000 buys.

Should Georges St. Pierre defeat Bisping for the middleweight title, a bout between he and Diaz may not be too far behind, as the money-weight division continues to evolve.

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