WATCH: Russian Riot Police Break Up Mass MMA Brawl

These Russian MMA Fans Love a Big Old Brawl… More Mass Mayhem Erupted at an Event in Moscow… And it Had to be Broken Up by Riot Police…

Obviously, when you hear about MMA brawls and Russians, you think of the infamous events that occurred on the night of UFC 229 when Conor McGregor lost to Khabib Nurmagamedov. The Russian fighter went full eagle by jumping off the cage, igniting a mass brawl between the two camps. More fights broke out between fans inside and outside the T-Mobile Arena.

This isn’t just an isolated event. Russian MMA fans can be quite intense so these occasions tend to have huge security presences waiting to break them up, with fully armed riot police ready and waiting to jump into action.

That’s what happened at an Absolute Championship Berkut event in Moscow when a brawl between members of the crowd threatened to get out of hand. Watch the footage below and see how quick the cops were to intervene and keep control. Russian security forces do not mess around.


Former Bellator fighter Georgi Karakhanyan was fighting Tumir Nagiban in Moscow at the weekend. The fight was a very decent contest, full of exciting action, but it would end in controversial circumstances. Referee Herb Dean – yes he was the man in the middle – disqualified Nagiban after the Russian punched Karakhanyan after the bell.

It was even more controversial though because Karakhanyan had Nagiban in a chokehold and let go before Dean intervened – a very stupid move. This resulted in chaos which you can see above and below.



The crowd erupted after this incident happened. In one of the clips, you can see punches being thrown, while in the other there’s just a massive chaotic crush of people. Anyway, being Russia, the police move in to intervene, wearing full riot gear.

It’s a far cry from UFC 229 when beleaguered security struggled to deal with a few angry fighters. It’s also clear that as soon as the fans see the police they immediately panic because they all raise their hands up and try and pacify them,  moving away. Russian police do not mess about. Watch the clip of the moment in the fight that caused it all to happen below.

YouTube video


In case you’re wondering, the people from this region are cut from a different cloth. They’ve literally lived through war and survived in inhospitable conditions. In an interview, last January, ACB’s founder Khasiev explained to Russian outlet Sov Sport exactly why they’re as tough as they are. Read below for an insight into the mind of this nation:

“Have you ever, in fear of being shot, been imprisoned in an armored fighting vehicle, and then held until the circumstances were clarified, and only the help of God and my humble fortitude got me out of this situation? 100 percent no. Have you buried the torn-apart children and folks much younger than yourself? I don’t think so!

Did you have to deliver dozens of people wounded and killed by the ’precision’ strikes of ‘our native aircraft’ to the hospitals, morgues and to relatives? Did you happen to three times lose everything, and then start from scratch, the last time in 2003? It’s unlikely! That’s where I was 20 years ago, at the same time, and Inshallah (by God’s will) I preserved honor, dignity, courage, generosity, lack of envy and hate, the ability to self-sacrifice and love for the Motherland!!!”

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