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The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) appeals to sports lovers because it offers various weight classes and divisions. There’s something on every weeknight that’ll appeal to your taste: big names fighting each other, smaller fighters rising through the ranks, or just an overall sense that you’ll see something new every time you tune in.

Big Fights Between Big Names

The UFC is a multi-billion dollar brand and is the world’s largest and most popular MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) promotion. Since 1993, the UFC has become one of history’s most prominent sporting organizations and has gained an incredibly wide and loyal fanbase.

In addition to having an extensive roster of fighters, they also have several weight classes that appeal to casual and die-hard fans alike. UFC has been able to capitalize on a global audience because it’s an international brand that runs events worldwide. 

Sports Betting 

The rise of UFC’s popularity has been attributed to various factors, including its accessibility on television, its growing presence on social media platforms, and the promotion of specific events. As with any sport or activity involving money, sports betting is a significant part of it all. 

Although less seasoned gamblers may prefer to play casino games requiring little to no knowledge and strategizing like the new Platincasino slots, there are many people who have extensive knowledge of the entire roster of UFC fighters and are able to make educated bets leading them to successful payouts. The technicality and historical record of fighters, coupled with the spontaneous nature of cage fighting, makes MMA betting one of the most exciting in the sports betting realm.

Broad Weight Divisions 

The UFC has been renowned for its explosive fights, full of drama and intensity. Although not many people realize it, the UFC is popular because it has a broad range of weight classes and a more comprehensive range of fighters in each division.

While the UFC used to have very few weight classes, they have gradually increased their number of divisions. The initial division was Strawweight, and the highest-ranked division was Heavyweight. Now, there are 12 different weight classes in total.

It Goes Beyond Punches and Footwork

As a fan, you’ll notice that the UFC goes beyond fists and footwork. It’s about passion, story, and culture—and how these elements can create a world-class sports brand. We believe this is why it has become such a global phenomenon. 

MMA has grown up since its humble beginnings as a self-defense tactic. The number of events held by the UFC has grown dramatically as well. From one event in Denver, Colorado, on November 1993 to over 40 events per year today.

Accessible to Watch 

The UFC can be watched on various devices, including your TV. The UFC app is an excellent place to start, with live streams of every fight and previous events. You can get all the benefits of staying at home and watching the games while saving money in the process. 

The UFC has several different ways to watch its events, including UFC Fight Pass and Pay-Per-View (PPV). This service is designed to give you access to all UFC fights hosted on UFC Fight Nights.


The UFC remains exciting not only because of the nature of the sport itself but also because there’s an ever-changing roster of athletes who compete with each other to make it to the top. So if you weren’t sure about watching, hopefully, this article will get you to tune in!

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