Mike Tyson’s son appears to be a chip off the old block. The former heavyweight champion’s 15-year-old kid displays boxing prowess while working out on the pads at the family home…

Ex-heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson remains one of the most popular pugilists of our generation. During his reign as king of the world, Tyson broke the wills of many men with his physical prowess. Tyson’s overall boxing record stood at 50-6 with 44 KO’s.

Eventually, it was Tyson’s recklessness that led to his downfall, but his thirst for destruction in the ring was truly a sight to behold. Training under the legendary Cus D’Amato, Tyson learned the ropes from a truly iconic master of the art.

Using his lightning-fast head movement and footwork, Tyson was able to negate the taller fighters’ reach and get inside. The damage he caused keeps Tyson ranked among many boxing’s fans greatest of all time list.

Mike Tyson’s Legacy

Aside from his harrowing highlights, Tyson’s legacy also remains in the form of his family. His son, Miguel, has recently been showing some solid boxing skills in a number of videos circulating online.

Miguel, who is just 15, can be seen in the video below pounding the pads. In contrast, you can see Mike himself training and sparring further down the article:

YouTube video

Boxing Future?

During an interview with SI.com, Mike Tyson discussed his wild career and his present family lifestyle:

You were 19 years old. Were you enjoying any of this? You were on the cover of Sports Illustrated, you had attention. Or were you still so focused on becoming champion?

I enjoyed some of it. But every time I got a little bit, I wanted more. It was never enough. Even the champ, we want more. Alter ego says, This is all I worked for? This is what I worked for from 12? I want more.

I guess with the alter ego, we have to be honest with ourselves, appreciate ourselves. I never appreciated my hard work. Never thought I wouldn’t be strong like that again.

YouTube video

Me and my wife were watching Chazz Palminteri, A Bronx Tale, and it just blew us away. I said, ‘Oh, God, I want to make people feel the way he made us feel.’ I said, ‘Baby, I think I could do this.’

So she started writing. And it was really corny at first. Then she wrote again. Then she hit it. Then we started memorizing it. Then went to the stage.

You run into some kid, this is a real humbling experience. I went to this high school. Six hundred kids in the room, 700 kids, maybe 1,000. They had this big screen, giant, 10-by-10. They were showing the kids some of my fights because they didn’t know who I was. They just thought I was an actor from The Hangover. This one little Mexican kid said, ‘I think my grandfather told me about you.’ [Laughs.] Never in my life am I going to forget that. You talk about a humbling experience.

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