Israel Adesanya Puts “Catholic Schoolgirl Jon Jones on Full Blast

By Darren
Israel Adesanya Puts “Catholic Schoolgirl Jon Jones on Full Blast

Israel Adesanya is on top of the MMA world right now. The Nigerian-born, New Zealand resident is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC. At least when Yoel Romero isn’t refusing to chase him down. A middleweight champion, he’s looking down the roster for challengers.

Brazil’s Paulo Costa is probably next. However, he just can’t get away from Jon Jones’s name. The Light-heavyweight champion is on a collision course with ‘The Last Stylebender.’ The pair have no respect for each other. Indeed, their online beef is one of the strongest in the MMA community.

Now Adesanya has responded to Jones’s latest battle with the law. ‘Bones’ embarrassed himself when police arrested him drunk, having fired shots into the air at 3 am. Adesanya thinks Jones’s whole personality is a sham.


According to Adesanya, Jones’s whole persona is an illusion. Jones likes to act like he’s a devout Christian but he constantly makes poor decisions and lets down everyone around him. The only thing he does right is that he wins fights. Adesanya told Sirius XM:

“The illusion got broken a little bit. We’re peeping through the cracks a little bit—through the viewers’ eyes. Eventually, people started seeing it crumble like ‘this motherf**ker’s fake.’ They could smell it for years. This guy is fake. He’s one way on TV, but another way in real life.”

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In fact, Adesanya got very personal. He said that Jones had a very suppressed childhood. Because of this, he’s unleashing all of his craziness as an adult. This leads to the moments of madness that we now associate so strongly with him.

“Obviously it’s fabricated, the s**t he has on TV, being a priest’s son and all that stuff,” Adesanya said. “It’s like, you know how the Catholic school girls are the freakiest, the ones that like to [growls] get crazy because they’ve been suppressed? That’s Jones. Jones is a Catholic school girl because he’s probably been suppressed his whole life. He got a little bit of change, a little bit of notoriety, a little bit of status at a young, dumb age, then he’s just like going all crazy, sucking every d**k in town.”

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Strip Him

Another man who has very little patience for Jones’s antics is Johnny Walker. The Brazilian is an all-action fighter but dropped two straight losses recently. However, he is still looking up the ladder. First of all, he thinks the UFC should strip Jones and bring in two new challengers. He told LowKick MMA:

“If they take the title from him,” Walker said. “Another two challengers should go for the belt and it would be good for the light-heavyweight division. Whoever gets the belt can fight against Jones next it’s going to be good. I’m no god to judge nobody but I think it’s a good idea to do that (strip Jon Jones) because it’s going to give other fighters the chance to get the belt and to help their life and be somebody, to be a champion. If Jon Jones wants to keep his belt, he can just stop doing sh*t and he can defend the belt properly.”

Of course, that’s very unlikely to happen. The UFC has made no comment about Jones’s recent arrest. So they’re clearly hoping everybody forgets about it. Dana White has bigger things to worry about. We’re talking about his Fight Island obsession of course.