The Problem Child proved to the doubters once more that he could fight for full 8 rounds in his fourth fight. Paul remains undefeated and showed that not only could he knock his opponents out but could box on the outside. Although it was his closest fight yet, Woodley landed some great punches that got Paul rocked.

It was a great fight overall, Woodley just needed to let go of his hands more to favor the judges. As for Paul, he stayed outside since he is the longer fighter and taller. Paul landed more punches that may have swayed the judges to give him the rounds. Paul’s chin was also tested as he survived getting hit by Woodley. One judge gave the fight to Woodley hence the split decision.

Some MMA fans were frustrated as once Woodley got Paul hurt he still did not capitalize on the finish. It may be his lack of experience in the boxing ring since it is his debut, he also needed to use his jab more.

After the fight, Woodley demanded an immediate rematch to which Paul said that if Woodley inks the “I love Jake Paul” tattoo on his body, they would grant him a rematch. Both parties agreed to a deal, so we might see a rematch in the near future.

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