YouTube sensation, Jake Paul will fight former UFC welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley in a boxing match. Woodley is a teammate of Ben Askren, the wrestler that Paul recently beat. There will be bad blood as Woodley is looking to avenge his teammate’s loss.

Woodley was also present in the Askren vs Paul fight, who would have thought that he would be fighting Jake Paul next. Unlike Askren, Woodley seems to be better in the striking department. In Woodley’s prime, he had that dynamite right hand that knocked a lot of fighters on route to his title fight. He has knocked out guys like Robbie Lawler, Josh Koscheck, so as far as striking, Woodley is legit.

Although Woodley is just a shell of his former self, he was recently cut from the UFC because he went on 4 fight losing streak. Woodley became gun shy and has not won a single round in his losing streak. Being dominated in multiple fights could also factor in Woodley’s confidence come fight night.

As for Jake Paul, he is still undefeated in his pro Boxing run and he is ready to prove once more that his boxing is legit, not world class but could hang with the pro combat athletes. Jake Paul is a genius in terms of marketing and credit must be given to him. He is coming off an first round KO win against Askren, so momentum is definitely on his side.

No one could blame Woodley for taking the fight, as it will potentially be his biggest career payday and he was a former UFC champion. It would be interesting on what version of Woodley is showing up and will Jake Paul be able to knock a good counter puncher like Woodley. It is worth noting Woodley has a decent pull counter that knocked many guys out.

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