Bobby Green chose to be positive despite his horrible loss to Jalin Turner, who managed to knock him out at UFC on ESPN 52. And despite the controversial late stoppage made by the referee of their bout, “King” didn’t share any grudge involving the matter and suggested that life goes on for him as an MMA fighter.

The fight between the two only lasted for almost three minutes this weekend after “The Tarantula” sent a solid overhand right to Green, which instantly caused the latter to visibly wobble. Turner took the chance to send more shots, which caused Green to drop and take cover. Turner continuously sent more punches to the opponent as Green remained conscious to cover his head. After several more punches, Green blacked out.

However, the fight was tainted with controversy after referee Kerry Hatley failed to stop the bout on time. During the fight, Turner could be seen continuously sending punches to his opponent despite Green already lying unconscious on the canvas. The MMA community and fellow fighters lambasted the action, with UFC CEO Dana White admitting that it was “one of the worst stoppages in history.” Green, nonetheless, chose not to add more comments about the matter and praised Turner for his win.

“You win some, you lose some,” Green said on his Instagram Stories post. “I guess I want to show people that you’ve got to keep it G, and you’ve got to keep it G when you lose.

“Shout out to Jalin, you did your thing, brother. I’m so happy for you. It means the world that you stepped up on short notice and you had your success, so shout out to you. To all my people, it’s just another step in the thing, you know. Another step in the career. There’s ups, there’s downs, I’m a keep it going. I’m not going nowhere.”

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