If you still believe in Tony Ferguson despite his six-fight losing streak, you are not alone. UFC lightweight fighter Jordan Leavitt also wishes for Ferguson’s victory over Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296 next month despite admitting that it is a “lose-lose” situation for the English.

Pimblett, who has a four-fight winning streak, first shared his thoughts about the upcoming bout, saying his success over the older fighter could only be welcomed by invalidation. “This is a lose-lose situation for me because when I beat him, people are going to be like, ‘Tony was finished anyway,” Pimblett told ESPN. “He needed to retire anyway.’ But if the unthinkable happens and I do lose, I’ve been beaten by a finished Tony Ferguson.”

Leavitt, who was defeated by Pimblett in July 2022, supports the view, adding he wants the Briton to succeed.

“I’m in a weird position, you know,” Leavitt shared during the UFC Fight Night 232 media day. “You always want your opponents’ to be very successful because it makes you look better by like association, but it’s a lose-lose situation for Paddy. I don’t think he really gains much for beating Tony. Like he’s already as popular as Tony in terms of fan base and social media hype, but this could be the fight for Tony.”

Despite this, the American expressed his hope for the legend to have a happy ending in his career.

“I think Tony could do this one, I hope he does. I hope it’s not a decision because things happen when you decision, Paddy Pimblett,” said Leavitt. “I mean, I want Paddy to win for my ego, but for my heart and my soul, I want Ferguson to win and ride into the sunset and be a fitness influencer with David Goggins. They can lunge off into the sunset.”

Ferguson is currently working with retired United States Navy SEAL David Goggins to prepare him for his fight. Goggins, known as a triathlete and public speaker, has shared the process of their preparation, with Ferguson vomiting in one post. However, Daniel Cormier doubts the training would help Ferguson, suggesting his fear that it could even make things worse for the fighter if he’s overworked.

“…I worry Goggins works so hard he don’t care how you’re feeling,” Cormier said. “He’s going to make you work. I hope he doesn’t beat Tony down and overtrain him.”

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