As a preparation for his upcoming fight against Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296, Tony Ferguson enlisted David Goggins to help him in his training. However, Daniel Cormier does not think this is the right training for “El Cucuy.”

With his current six-fight losing streak, Ferguson is under great pressure to win the upcoming fight against Pimblett, who, on the other hand, will enter the cage with a four-fight winning streak. With this, Ferguson asked for the help of retired United States Navy SEAL David Goggins.

In his recent posts, Goggins can be seen training the fighter to vomit after using the treadmill. The former Navy SEAL then praised Ferguson’s “willingness to suffer, saying, “This is not for the weak.”

The reaction of Ferguson with training, nonetheless, has alarmed fans and even Cormier, who suggested that Goggins might not be the right help for the fighter. 

“…I don’t know if the cardio is going to be the issue. That’s not what’s wrong with Tony Ferguson,” said Cormier on DC & RC. “It’s not that he’s not preparing himself right. It’s just other things, other reasons why he’s losing, and I don’t know if David Goggins is going to be able to change that. The weathering and the beatings that you take in that octagon can’t be fixed just by mental approach and working harder in the gym. It just takes something a little bit more.”

In the end, while Goggins sees Ferguson’s training reactions as part of his dedication, Cormier stressed how this mindset could affect Ferguson.

“…I worry Goggins works so hard he don’t care how you’re feeling,” Cormier said. “He’s going to make you work. I hope he doesn’t beat Tony down and overtrain him.”

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