As an MMA fan, there is no bigger fight to make right now than Francis Ngannou vs Jon Jones. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues going on with the UFC and Jones’s side regarding fight purse.

Dana White has gone on public to say that Jones demanded a guaranteed $30M which the UFC think is not worth the amount that the fighter is asking for. Although Jones also denied that he asked for a such an amount. The sad thing is we will not know who speaks the truth.

Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports

When Ngannou was asked on who he would prefer to fight, Jones or Lewis, his answer was obviously Jones since it will be a huge name to put on his record. Jones is considered by many as one of the greatest of all time so it makes sense.

Jon Jones called out Ngannou to “motivate” him more in his training to which Ngannou responded with a cold blooded answer.

We all know that Jones just likes to poke on his opponent to keep the fans excited. If the fight happens, Ngannou might be a slight favorite which is CRAZY considering he is fighting Jon “Bones” Jones, probably the greatest Light-heavyweight in MMA history. Just shows that Ngannou might be the scariest human being in the world.

Jones then responded saying that Ngannou’s chance of winning is only via knockout which might be true. We all know Ngannou is the strongest puncher right now but he still has not been tested for later rounds. What happens if they went to round 4 or 5?

Ngannou then asked him when was the last time he broke somebody. Jones’s last two fights ended in a controversial decision that could have gone either way.

It is all fun and games, what the fans want is an official announcement from the UFC that the fight is booked. Unfortunately, Dana has said that they are looking to book Ngannou vs Lewis 2 which is a great fight but nowhere near the levels of a Ngannou vs Jones super fight.

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