‘Iron’ Mike And Wesley Snipes Once Had a Massive Fallout Over a Woman… The Two Men Fought Out Their Differences on the Street… But Only One Man Would Walk Away a Winner…

In the mid to late 80s and early 90s, Mike Tyson was the face of American and world boxing. The New York native was a multiple heavyweight champion, destroying opposition like Larry Holmes and Frank Bruno. He was truly a force of nature, with one of the most powerful right hands in the sport.

Despite his past troubles – and there are many – he has somehow managed to remain relevant and still pops up all across popular culture. Extremely flamboyant, Tyson stands out with his face tattoo and is well known for buying exotic animals like pet tigers.

He’s also known to bear a grudge. Tyson is a passionate man who learned at an early age that violence could be a way to solve problems and earn respect. There are reports that he was getting into street fights at the age of 12 with grown men. Well, that trend continued throughout his life, including one brutal beef he had with actor Wesley Snipes.


Harsh Upbringing

Getting into a street fight with ‘Iron’ Mike is a very stupid idea for anyone. Even throughout his professional boxing career he still had time to let loose a few grudges and dish out some beatings to those who displeased him. He once infamously shattered Mitch Green’s eye socket during a street fight. Not fun.

It should come as no surprise that Tyson liked to turn to the street to dish out justice. It was on the street where he was formed. Raised in the tough neighborhood of Brownsville, New York, his first fight was against a bigger youth who tore the head off of one of Tyson’s pigeons. The young champion-to-be would be arrested 38 times by the age of 13.



One of the lesser-known targets of Tyson’s wrath was the 90s action star, Wesley Snipes. Best known for his roles in the Blade Movies, Demolition Man, and The Contractor, Snipes thought getting intimate with Tyson’s then-girlfriend was a good move. This is how it went down, according to Tyson’s bodyguard Rudy Gonzalez:

“One night after Hope had visited MT in his LA apartment, he told me to follow her. She had left earlier than usual, telling him that she had to visit a friend. He wanted me to find out where she went, if she made any calls, if she talked to anybody, everything that she did after leaving him that night.

So I grabbed the black Lamborghini Diablo and kept a safe distance … At Roscoes, a soulfood hangout in downtown LA, she parked, got out of the car and walked over to a black Lexus … her friend turned out to be actor Wesley Snipes.”


Dumb Move

Why on earth, out of all the women in the world, would you pull moves on Mike Tyson’s girlfriend. Snipes pretty much deserved what happened to him. It was an idiotic thing to do. Gonzalez explained what happened when he told Mike, and the boxer arrived on the scene:

“…When Hope caught sight of him, she practically fell out of Snipes lap and onto the floor. The actor froze then waved a hand”‘Now, Mike, now, Mike, we can do this together. I don’t want no problem. “Let’s go into the bathroom!’ Tyson snapped.

“When I returned from the parking lot, I noticed Anthony was blocking the bathroom door. A couple minutes later we heard a big noise inside, and then Tyson emerged alone. After he was gone, I cracked open the bathroom door. Wesley Snipes was sitting against the far wall, head tilted to one side, unconscious.”

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