Jorge Masvidal should be fighting for the UFC welterweight title. However, he’s fighting with the promotion instead over his contract. Things reached a new level of toxicity after he ranted on Twitter. The UFC’s first BMF champion is refusing to fight until they recognize his value.

Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, and Henry Cejudo are three other high-profile names who have raised similar issues of late. While fallouts are common, it’s rare that there are so many at once. The UFC must be careful with how they handle this because it could set a precedent for the future.

‘Gamebred’ says that the UFC is essentially trying to bully him into signing a less lucrative contract for a title fight. That’s why Gilbert Burns has leapfrogged him in the rankings and will fight Kamaru Usman instead. Things look like they’ll rumble on into the future.

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Strongarm Tactics

Masvidal accused the UFC of trying to bully him into taking a fight. He says that the UFC effectively told him to take it or leave it. Tensions are definitely growing between both sides and it remains to be seen when or if he chooses to fight again. He tweeted:

“I already explained why I signed a new deal. It’s either take it or leave it and not get paid. I would’ve signed another deal if it was done in good faith. He called me night before he wants to announce and tell me to take it or leave it. That’s not negotiating that’s strong-arming”.

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Stay Quiet

‘Gamebred’ also called out the commentators who are calling for him to fight and stop talking. He says that these former UFC fighters should be ashamed of themselves and barely stopped short of calling them shills. Most controversially he accused them of being less decorated than him. We think that former champions Daniel Cormier, Dominick Cruz, and Michael Bisping might disagree. He tweeted:

And for the #whiteknights that have commentating jobs with the UFC that say “just fight” you guys should be embarrassed to call yourselves current/former fighters. Not one of you been doing it as long as me and like me. There’s a reason you are “commentating.”

Paid Not Played

Finally, he called out the UFC for trying to pay him less for the actual welterweight title fight than for the BMF title. However, you could argue that this is a question of name value. Nate Diaz is more famous than Kamaru Usman in the same way that Conor McGregor is more popular than Khabib. But Masvidal doesn’t see it this way. He accused the UFC of trying to play him, instead of paying him.

In sum, this contract dispute looks set to rumble on and on. Increasing numbers of fighters are making their voices world with many of them telling stories about former matchmaker Joe Silva on Twitter. This is a very precarious moment for the company. However, it’s potentially a gamechanger for the fighters. How will Dana White react?

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