Justin Bieber Chickens Out of Tom Cruise Callout

By Darren
Justin Bieber Chickens Out of Tom Cruise Callout

Well Duh… This ‘Fight’ is Over Before it Even Began… Justin Bieber Has Admitted That Calling Out Tom Cruise is a Dumb Idea… We Could Have Told Him That… 

One of them is a pop icon, beloved by teen girls all around the world. The other is Hollywood royalty and the star of some of the biggest movie franchises on the planet. So when Justin Bieber called out Tom Cruise, everybody was confused by what was happening.

It was one of the most random pieces of MMA ‘news’ from the week. Bieber – a second dan black belt in karate and a BJJ purple belt decided to challenge the Mission Impossible star to a cage fight. At the age of 56, Tom Cruise is more than twice Bieber’s age, who is only 25.

Now the majority of people justifiably believe that Cruise would demolish Bieber in a fight. Even the Canadian sensation agrees with this and has finally revealed that he was just tweeting nonsense. Well, we all knew that, didn’t we? Blame Conor McGregor for making this story bigger than it needed to be.

Not Happening

Bieber was interviewed by TMZ, who questioned the singer about his intentions towards Cruise. He may as well have sung, “is it too late to say sorry,” because he immediately shut down the speculation. Surprise, surprise, he wasn’t serious about fighting the action movie superstar.

“I was just playing,” Bieber said. “It was just a random tweet. I do that stuff sometimes. I think he would probably whoop my ass in a fight. I’d have to get super in shape, I’m really skinny right now. I think he’d probably be out of my weight class. He’s got that dad strength.”

You’ve really got to wonder what Cruise thought about this whole thing because he didn’t get involved at all. Wise move, because Bieber just came off looking strange.

No Chance

Who would win in a fight? Bieber does have karate and BJJ experience. He’s also friends with Floyd Mayweather, who has given him one-to-one boxing training as well. But forget all that. Cruise would batter him and we all know it. The man is just so much tougher than the Canadian sensation. He has broken bones doing his own stunts multiple times. Has Bieber ever broken a manicured nail?

Cruise also has high school wrestling experience. So when his old man strength is combined with the Keysi fighting method, you can bet that the Top Gun star would run through the younger man.

Screenshot: Twitter.


When Conor McGregor jumped on board and offered to promote this ‘match-up’ the news spread like wildfire across the internet. Then the Notorious called out Hollywood action star Mark Wahlberg to fight on the same card. He was torn apart by Nick Diaz on Instagram for it.

Of course, McGregor was probably just joking but he really does need to take a social media detox. The dude always seems to be online. Still, with all that money in the bank, he must be getting bored.