Greatest reaction ever? This just might be it…

During a crazy evening of news last night, the MMA and boxing world became eternally linked. Announcing the first ever true boxing/MMA crossover match, Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather simultaneously announced their fight.

Going down on August 26, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor is forecast to shatter all pay-per-view records. Will it be a walk-over for Mayweather? Quite possibly, yet the biggest fight of the year still garners huge attention.

Believe it or not, the fight everybody thought would never happening is here, it’s real and it’s going down in August…

McGregor Wrecks Mayweather With Priceless Reaction Tweet

Instantly going viral, Floyd Mayweather posted the confirmation of the fight on Instagram. It was a simple, brief clip authenticating the date as August 26, and the opponent as Conor McGregor.

In response, McGregor sent out an equally simple, yet hilarious Tweet. Check out ‘The Notorious’ trolling the living daylights out of Mayweather’s age. In case you didn’t know, that’s ‘Money’s’ pops, Floyd Mayweather Sr. in the photo:

Needless to say McGregor’s side splitting Tweet has reached viral levels overnight. Here’s some more info on the Mayweather vs. McGregor card from UFC president Dana White:

Dana White was involved in the negotiations between Mayweather and McGregor’s management teams…

The Scoop

Per TMZ:

“The fight will be a 12 round boxing match. Both guys will use 10 ounce gloves. They will fight at 154 pounds. The fight will take place at the T-Mobile Arena. Ticket prices have not been set yet.

“There WILL be an undercard — it will be boxing and Mayweather Promotions will handle the matchmaking. We asked Dana if there was a possibility Roy Jones Jr. will fight Anderson Silva — he told us, “I highly doubt it.”

“Both Floyd and Conor will be tested by USADA for performance enhancing drugs.

“Dana says he expects Conor to make around $100 million for the fight but wouldn’t break down the financials. Dana says he spoke with Conor Wednesday morning — he’s VERY excited. Conor also believes with all his heart he will knock Mayweather out.”

Check out the finer details of the contract below, including the threat of a massive lawsuit if McGregor kicks Mayweather during their bout:

McGregor Will Face Lawsuit For Kicking

Via The Mirror:

UFC president Dana White said: “That [kicking] will not happen; it’s in the contract. This is a boxing match under the Nevada commission under the rules of boxing.

“We talk about a guy of Floyd Mayweather’s value in the sport – the lawsuit if that ever happened…

“Conor loves money and he would lose a lot of money if that happened.”

Now that the speculation and rumour stage is over, odds have emerged for the Vegas August 26 clash. Unsurprisingly, McGregor is a 7-1 underdog. Chances are those odds will widen and shorten as the date draws nearer.

For us commoners the only chance of making any real money in this fight is a punt on McGregor. That said, the silver spooners will take a huge hit if they’ve placed a bundle on Mayweather and the unthinkable happens.

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  1. I see a double spinning hook kick coming from MW but McGago will be surprised and be knocked out cold. MacWeather weather lang wins by TKO ( Tae Ko Odor )

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